Return From Hell

Personal Notes of V. Torres.


I have been assigned to the case involving the abduction of Ester Andrews. Ester was a thirty six year old white female who went missing after several suspicious messages to her online writing group. Ending message told them that it was her husband pranking her and that she’d return soon. Her estranged husband Drew Shaw has a history of violence and marital disputes were common between the two of them.

My current theory is that Shaw has kidnapped his wife and forced her to write messages to make it seem everything was fine. We’re in the process of tracking him down at this moment, he was recently employed to a garage in Chicago. Perhaps a bit of a drive, but on record he has threatened his wife with physical violence. Likely he finally decided to exact his revenge.

Going to attempt to question the other members of the writing group over the next few weeks. The only one we’ve confirmed the identity of is Rebecca Clemons, ‘Becca_Bae93’.


Over the past few weeks there has been no sign of Ester. A few sightings were reported with a woman matching her description, but these turned up to be dead ends or false leads. Shaw was found and brought into questioning, and despite his insistence he had nothing to do with her disappearance, witnesses have come forward with statements saying that Shaw has been swearing revenge on his wife, that ‘she would pay for ruining his reputation with their friends’ and that ‘the bitch deserves anything that happens to her’. There has been also an unregistered gun in his possession. Reportedly it was unfired, but Ester was 5’1’’ and had a small frame. It wouldn’t have taken much to overpower her, and it may have been used just to threaten her.

I’ve spoken with Rebecca and she said that Ester knew that her husband was a threat but didn’t believe he would actually come around to acting on these threats.  He hadn’t come around since he’d left her, and he hadn’t even attempted contact before her disappearance. She insists that this Anonymous Lucifer messenger was someone else and that Ester was in real danger, but going up that path has led nowhere. This ‘Hit From Hell’ was clearly a glitch on the webpage as there’s no such record now.


A young woman by the name of Kelsey Noble has come forward as AmiableJinx, one of the other members of the group. She insists that we look into other paths of investigation. She’d been following it via the news and that now we have Shaw in custody for her abduction and likely murder is, and I’m quoting her, ‘a heaping pile of bullshit’. She also says that Shaw is ‘not smart enough to go through these lengths to make her disappear’ and ‘if he wanted her dead he would’ve just broken into her house and shot her’.

She also questioned the location of Ester’s cat, Mittens. I reminded her that Ester said whoever took her had Mittens.

‘Mittens hated Shaw. How was she sitting in his arms?’

In the end, Kelsey was taken into custody for assaulting an officer. Myself, actually. I won’t press charges but she spent overnight in a police cell to cool off. She has an incredible swing, I still have a black eye.

Unfortunately for her, this case is rather open and shut. Wherever Ester is now, I doubt she is alive. The evidence is clear, Shaw is at fault. I pray that he at least admits where he hid the body.


It has been three years since I added to these notes. Ester Andrews was never found and I was making sure her husband Shaw was going to be put away for it, for a very long time.

Then Rebecca called 911 with proof that Ester was still alive.

The three remaining members of this writing group are still in contact and were conversing in their old chatroom when Ester’s account logged back in. Although most of the messages were mindless keyboard smashes, four JPG files managed to make it through and the sender claimed they were in hell. Below are the descriptions of the JPGs.

1.       This is the most unclear of the images, we see a blurred person’s face and not much else.

2.       The woman’s face again, less blurry. It is a woman’s face, and her face is twisted in agonizing pain. Her hair is matted with dirt and blood, and she appears to be laying on her stomach.

3.       An attempted photograph of her surroundings, but the room is dark and the photo is distorted. All I can personally make out is a cement floor and several orange lights in the distance. I’m not sure if these are fires or some sort of neon orange light.

4.       The woman’s hands. This photo came through the clearest. Her wrists are bound with appears to be barbed wire and are attached to the keyboard. Her hands are bloodied and it seems something is protruding from her thumbs, likely the spikes she spoke about in conversation.

One thing I can absolutely say at this point is that the face we see is indeed Ester Andrews. Face recognition confirms her identity. I’m floored. Off the record, I feel embarrassed for not listening to these young women sooner. Shaw might have had some form of involvement with this, but he isn’t holding Ester now. And if these photos were taken recently, Ester could still be alive.

The three women were brought in, finally joined by Angie Burnett, ‘AngelWriter999’. Previously I avoided involving her too heavily with the investigation due to the fact she was a minor at the time. Apparently this was the first time the women were in the same room, they embraced each other and were ecstatic to finally meet.  

Questioning them has led to no more leads though. None of them had heard from Ester. Angie asks about the ‘Book of Praise’ but I have no responses.

It’s clear that whoever Ester is held by is sadistic and has some form of delusion, likely attached to a form of Satanism. I doubt he himself is an official ‘Satanist’, but only time will tell.


Shaw is dead.

He committed suicide shortly after being released. I’ve only been told about this now. He shot himself in the head, in front of the church he and Ester were married at. In his suicide note he blames every one of us for letting what Ester’s been through for so long by pinning it on him.

Truthfully, he wasn’t wrong. But I’m more concerned about the fact that he said that if we find Ester and she loses her hands, we’ll be held accountable.

We never released that detail. Not even to Shaw. However, after investigation, someone has leaked the photos onto the internet. If this is her kidnapper or a disastrous leak of information, it will still hold us back. We took down the originals but the four photos of ‘Hell’ have been spread everywhere. It feels unlikely at this point that we’ll ever see them fully scrubbed from the internet.


Ester is alive. We’ve found her.

At around three AM she turned up in an emergency room in Michigan. Reports say that the Jane Doe stumbled in from the snow, got to the front desk and politely asked for help before she collapsed on the floor. The woman at the front claimed she’d seen a lot of things, including people with clothes hangers hanging out of their eyes and knives still imbedded in their sides, but Jane Doe was possibly one of the worst things she had ever seen. They ran her description through Missing Persons and came up with Ester.

Despite the blizzard conditions I drove the several hours to go and see her.

The amount of injuries inflicted on her were appalling. She was severely dehydrated, and had been tied to the floor since she’d likely gone missing. They had to shave her head given the mats in her hair and her lower half was covered in sores from lying down in her own feces and urine.

But the worst was her hands.

Several fingers had to be amputated and it looks her left hand might entirely have to be removed. Like the picture, they’d been forcefully bound with barbed wire and the thumbs were attached to some form of spike that stabbed them whenever they lifted up too high.

I’m shocked though. The doctors say she looks like she’ll pull through, physically at least. Through sheer force of will she’s survived this. She’s still unconscious, but I’ll be speaking with her when she’s awake.


I feel ill.

Ester has awoken a few times, but only briefly and she doesn’t seem to recognize anything around her. She keeps asking for Mittens. I doubt the cat’s still alive if this is how her captor treated a human.

But what’s more disturbing is that Ester’s bank account was reopened sometime last night and over two million dollars was deposited into it.

The bank can’t seem to remember who it was, but that it was a man with a suit and who ‘appreciated’ the work she had done for him. No questions were asked, this man was charismatic to handle this and get out of there.

Clearly this must be her kidnapper. But I doubt that all the money in the world could make what she went through any more worth it.


Ester has finally been able to communicate again. Her friends have returned to her side in comfort and to assist.

Her stories are…. Almost unbelievable.

She claims she was literally dragged into hell, and that her job was to write for Lucifer himself a ‘book of praise’. The devil’s own Bible. When she refused, he bound her hands to the computer. When she attempted to fight, he took away Mittens and beat her.

The only thing keeping her going was the fact her friends still believed in her. It gave her the hope to continue to write and that one day she’d be released, once she had finished. She claimed the final product was several hundred thousand words and that she’d soon be receiving a copy.

I’m officially putting this down as her abductor being a delusional madman who took advantage of having complete control of her surroundings. But at the same time, I’m unsure. The Hit from Hell has always nagged at the back of my mind. I don’t think I’ll ever have all the answers.

But Ester is making progress and well, those funds she now has will take care of her for a long time. Rebecca has offered to let Ester live with her and her wife, and Ester has all too gladly accepted. Years of therapy may lessen the damage, but I think the support of her friends will give her the power she needs to recover.


I received the Book of Praise.

I’d been enjoying a cup of coffee on my day off when I heard a knock at the door. I had to shoo away my dogs but when I answered it, all was there was a package. Wondering if it was a gift from my mother, I took it inside and opened it.

The cover is… beautiful, if not entirely disturbing. It is full of black and red patterns, and there is a man with the head of a goat sitting on the cover. The author is listed as Ester Andrews.

I’ve only read the first chapter, and I want to vomit.

The words are beautiful and woven together like a tapestry, but this is a tapestry of disaster and chaos. It describes Hell in eloquent terms and that Lucifer is the angel and King of Earth. It’s insanity.

And yet, I’m still drawn to read more. I truly feel there is something evil and wrong about this book, and even knowing the details of the agony that Ester went through to write it, I desperately want to open it again.

But there’s something to shake me from this madness. The dedication.

To My Friends. Have Mercy On My Soul.

Angie, when you read this, run to church and pray for sanctuary. Pray and hope he cannot claim you too.

I flipped to the back and my heart sank.

To be followed by a series of art by Angie Burnett.

I’ve already called the girls.

Angie is missing. And already there is a portrait on her art page of the Devil Himself.