Rules for Camp Golden Oak

At Camp Golden Oak, we want you all to have the best experience you can. Just follow the few rules below to help keep everyone safe and having fun!

1. Always listen to your counselor. For this week, they’re your teacher, your leader, and most importantly, your friend. Don’t be afraid to come to them for help. They are there to listen.

2. Be kind to your fellow campers and never be afraid to make new friends. But be respectful, remember the Golden rule!

3. When on a nature hike, don’t wander off the trail, even if you see something that catches your eye. No one wants to be a Lost Camper!

4. Never waste food, clean your plate! If you have special food requirements due to religion or allergies, don’t be afraid to tell Chef! He’ll make a special plate just for you.

5. Please don’t start food fights. Sometimes things can get confusing and exciting, and sometimes someone can get hurt.

6. Please don’t start paint fights in the art center. Again, people can get hurt.

7. No going out after dark. There are bathrooms in your cabins if you have an emergency. Do not leave the cabin under any circumstance, even if you hear someone calling your name outside. Even if it sounds like a friend.

8. If you get locked out after light’s out, immediately head to the cafeteria. Chef will put you up for the night, no questions asked. Don’t be afraid to come clean. If you hear someone call your name while you’re out, again, keep walking, don’t turn around.

9. We at Camp Golden Oak are open minded and happy to accommodate any camper from any background. However, we do not allow religious jewelry (crosses, Stars of David, pentacles, etc.) to be worn on the grounds. Any form of religious writing must be examined during check in. If we deem it necessary, it’ll be held in Mr. Bram’s office for the week(s) you stay at Camp Golden Oak. Don’t worry, it won’t be stolen, it’ll be locked in an airtight safe.

10. If you have any belongings you’re afraid of being stolen, you can turn them in during check in and they’ll go in the same safe mentioned above.

11. Please do not pray out in the woods. We understand it feels like a reverent place, but it just isn’t safe. Pray in your cabins, in the cafeteria, and anywhere indoors, but do not pray to any form of deity outdoors where anyone (or anything) can hear you.

12. The horse corral is a fun place, but only if you follow the rules! Be quiet, be courteous, and mind the horses- they are beautiful and wonderful creatures, but they must be respected.

13. If for some reason you find yourself outdoors and unable to find the cafeteria, under no circumstances are you to go to the horse corrals. The horses may sound like they’re frightened or that something’s wrong, but they’re in no danger.

14. Do not go into the marsh.

15. If during an activity a camper you don’t recognize joins in, ask their name and what cabin they stay in. If they-

* Are unusually pale with blue lips

* Are unable to look you in the eyes

* Do not give their name

* Change the subject and ask for your name

* Tell you they stay in Cabin 16, 19, or 21

Immediately end the conversation and tell your counselor that there is a Lost Camper in your group. They will end the activity and likely take you to the cafeteria. The Chef will keep you safe until the situation is handled.

16. Under no circumstances do you tell a Lost Camper your name. Under no circumstances do you follow them to any of the following locations-

* Any of the mentioned cabins above, they are unused and unsafe

* The Horse Corral

* The marsh

* The Arts and Crafts Room

17. If one of your cabin mates goes missing, tell your counselor immediately. We may be able to save them from becoming a Lost Camper.

18. If you feel anything is not right, anything at all, tell your counselor.

19. If you feel your counselor can no longer be trusted, talk to the Chef.

20. And remember to have fun! 😀

– Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bram