The Horse Corral

Welcome to the Horse Corral! We hope you’re here to have a good time! The horses at Camp Golden Oak are gentle creatures who love to be fed carrots and to have fun. Just remember to follow the rules below and we’ll all have a great and safe time!

1- Horses are living creatures who deserve our respect. They are not toys. You are not to hit, shout at, or kick the horses. If you are caught abusing one of our horses, you will be sent back to your cabin for the rest of the day’s activities and will be strictly reprimanded. If you are caught twice, you will be sent home.

2- There is no room to fool around in the stables or the corral. Horseplay is reserved for the horses. Rough housing could lead to someone getting hurt, and we don’t want that to happen.

3- If you want to help out with care of the horses, be sure to ask the Stablemaster, Ms. Grace Triggs. She always can appreciate a gentle hand!

4- All the horses in the stable are for the campers to ride, except for Domino. He is to be ridden by counselors and Ms. Triggs only. Do not ask to ride Domino.

5- All the horses at Camp Golden Oak that are safe for riding are colored bay, black, or dapple gray.

6- There are group rides every week led by Ms. Triggs, be sure to sign up quickly as spots will go quickly!

7- Remember that horses can see things that we do not. You may have to go back early from a ride if Domino becomes spooked, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

8- Do not come to the corral alone. It isn’t safe. Be sure to go with your counselor or Ms. Triggs! They know how to keep you safe.

9- If you’re about to go on a ride and you see a white or palomino horse approaching the group, do not approach this horse. This is not one of Golden Oak’s horses. Leave them alone.

10- These horses can occasionally be spotted near the lake and the marsh. Again, do not approach them. They will wander off on their own sooner or later.

11- If you see Domino walking around the camp with no rider, do not be alarmed. He occasionally likes to open his stall door and go for a walk. He likes to make sure we’re all safe! He’ll be back for supper time. Please do not attempt to pet him or distract him from his duties.

12- If you see your friend trying to play with one of the white or palomino horses, call them back to you. They might tell you that they think it’s okay, but these horses are not safe. Under no circumstances are you to climb on their backs or attempt to guide them by their reigns, especially if they’re near the lake or the marsh. It’s better to just leave them alone rather than get hurt.

13- If you see a camper riding a white or palomino horse, yell as loud as you can. Get the attention of a counselor, Chef, or Ms. Triggs immediately. They will handle the situation.

14- There may seem to be campers on occasion that seem to have control of these strange horses and are able to guide them. Take a closer look but do not approach. Does this camper resemble a Lost Camper? (See your camp rules.) If they’re a Lost Camper, then immediately leave the area and tell your counselor.

15- If a Lost Camper attempts to approach you while riding one of these horses while you are alone, if you are near the stables, run inside and find Ms. Triggs. If you cannot find Ms. Triggs, get into Domino’s stall. He might not be for you to ride but he will not hurt you.

16- If you want to give a horse a snack, ask Ms. Triggs for a carrot, an apple, or a sugar cube! The horses love a snack!

-Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bram.