The Legion Studies, Part Six

TW: Mentions of pedophilia, sexual assault. 

December 2, 198X

I never found out the truth about Brandon, if he really did murder his mother to be with a male lover without her judgment. But he didn’t end up leaving the next morning.

The blizzard was so white I couldn’t see anything out of the hanger. If I didn’t know better I’d say nothing existed outside of the lab.

The power outages were terrible now, almost happening hourly and lasting up to fifteen minutes at times. But my interviews were the B-2 group were placed on hold as everyone’s attention was on Chloe.

Whether Chloe’s accusation was remotely accurate, I had no way of telling, but Dr. Lewis was unnaturally thrilled. Every psychologist was present when Chloe’s first interview was conducted.  

December 5, 198X

“Hello… Chloe? Is that you?”

Gone was the sweet if not shy little girl. Father Carter sat across from her, smiling kindly while clutching his Bible close to his chest.

Chloe’s blank eyes darted around the room, a few times landing on the one way glass that allowed me and the others to observe. Several sticky pads were stuck to her head while Lois monitored her brain activity. Her eyes felt like they burned into mine before she turned back to Father Carter.

“Fuck off.”

Lois made quite the face at the vulgar language coming from such a petite child.

“Go back to screwing little boys at your parish. I’m not speaking to you.” Chloe crossed her arms and scowled.

I felt my stomach twist, but I continued to write. Something was clearly wrong. Chloe’s very body language had changed, even the inflection on her words was different.

Father Carter wiped some sweat off his forehead before he smiled again. “Chloe? Is someone else in there with you? Are we talking to them?”

Chloe cocked her head to the side and hummed for a bit before shrugging. “Possibly, you rat faced prick. It’s not Emmet, before you ask,” She said.

Hugo walked inside the room. “I miss anything?” He asked. I shushed him and continued writing.

Chloe twirled one of the wires leading up to her head as she chewed on her bottom lip. “Why are you here, Carter? We both know you’re not exactly a lover of the bible.” She eyed it for a moment before laughing. “You don’t even believe. How do you expect it to protect you if you don’t put faith in its ability to defend you? That isn’t how it works.”

Father Carter laughed. I saw his knuckles go white as they clutched tighter on the Bible. “I can assure you, devil, I believe in the Lord, he is our Savior and he will protect me from your wickedness. I will make you leave Chloe be-“

Chloe started to laugh, completely caught up in hysterics. The monitor hooked up to her started to go nuts, Lois’ eyes went wide as they could go. “Please, go ahead, try! I could use the amusement! It will fail. Like everything you do, you will fail. Now go entertain yourself with my little brothers, I’m sure they’ve learned not to cry by now.”

I heard a snap and turned to see Dr. Lewis. His grip had actually broken the pencil he was holding in two. His face was beet red and before I could ask if he was all right he stood and knocked sharply on the window. Father Carter jumped like he heard a gunshot. Chloe perked up and waved.

“Hi daddy!”

I filed out last of the room to hear the sound of a fist meeting flesh. Dr. Lewis had punched Carter in the stomach, hard enough that the priest was half bent over. Another punch and I heard the crack of Carter’s nose breaking, the priest turning into a blubbering mess. “P… please! Herb! The devil lies! His tongue is that of deceit-“

“I have heard enough of your lying, Father Carter!” Dr. Lewis shoved the other man over, his eyes blazing. “I have half the mind to toss you out into this blizzard, right now, let you try to walk back to town!”

Father Carter began to wail before Hugo stepped in, putting himself in the most dangerous part of the room. Between a father and a man who was accused of molesting his children. “As much as I’d love to see Carter get his desserts, Dr. Lewis, we can lock him up with the B-2 group. I’ll talk to Chloe, finish the interview. All right? I’ll talk to Scotty too, see if we can get his side of the story.”

Breathing harshly through his nose, Dr. Lewis finally nodded coldly. “Get your things from your quarters, Father Carter. You have ten minutes. You’ll be placed in Rex’s old cell. Is that clear?” He said.

Father Carter bobbed his head up and down, willing to take imprisonment over freezing to death. Shaking, with a faint scent of urine clinging to him, the priest took off down the hall.

Ten minutes turned into twenty. Thirty. An hour.

Father Carter had vanished, and so did little Scotty.

Somehow they had disappeared into thin air.

December 6, 198X

Dr. Lewis was distraught. His son and his molester had disappeared without a trace. I’d been plagued with nightmares the few hours I slept, but I still searched. The security footage at the trapdoor showed that he did not leave. A small comfort.

Not to mention things were starting to get worse.

Dr. Leon stumbled into my room with a face covered in blood and groaning in pain. I nearly screamed until he managed to say, “Fucking lunatics! Get me an icepack, for the love of god!”  

The wound wasn’t as bad as initially thought, head injuries just tend to bleed like nothing else. I managed to clean him up while asking him what happened.

After he’d swallowed three high strength painkillers, he began to talk.

“None of the patients would talk to me today. Anastasia claims she speaks for all of them. Not even Kaitlyn’s come from her room. Anastasia’s apparently been talking to ‘their’ doctor and therefore I’m no longer needed. Needed, I’m the only one who sees them, I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about, and I tell her that. Then she pitches a glass at my head and starts screaming about rape and murder and I just got the hell out of there while security sedated her. God, my head… I think she was drinking piss or something, and that sure as hell wasn’t lemonade.”

I could smell it on his clothes. It was absolutely urine. “I’ll throw your clothes in with mine to wash,” I offered moments before the lights went out again.

Dr. Leon swore again and I heard him uncap his flask to take a very deep swig.

“You know, it’s probably not a good idea to wash down pain meds with whiskey,” I offered.

Dr. Leon snorted and didn’t respond.

The lights didn’t come on for a whole hour this time, Dr. Leon fumbling his way out of the room only with the assistance of the security lights in the hallway. I sat alone in my room, wondering if Dr. Lewis had managed to make contact with the outside world, to bring people here to help search for Scotty.

Hugo came in my room around ten PM, the lights were back on but I had only turned on the lamp by my bed. He sat beside me as I stared at the ceiling. For several minutes, we didn’t talk. I just took my time examining him. Possibly for the first time, I recognized how young he was. He’d likely still get carded for drinking if he didn’t wear all the Goth get up.

“Hey, Dr. Barbara?”

I finally sat up, rubbing the cross around my neck. “You can just call me Barbara, Hugo,” I said.

Hugo quietly chucked, and I studied that gap where a tooth used to be. “Barbara. I love that name, you know. I might write a song about it someday. Listen, Barbara… can I stay in here tonight? I… I don’t feel safe. Alone. I feel like I’m watched.” His eyes flicked over to me. “Please? I’ll stay on the floor if I have to.”

I didn’t say anything, I just scooted over and patted the spot beside me. Hugo grinned before he crawled in next to me, close enough that I could make out brown speckles in his otherwise blue eyes. I could smell the sharp notes of a bittersweet cologne on his neck.

“Thanks… Barbara.”

December 7, 198X

Hugo thankfully doesn’t snore. Although seeing him without all of the makeup was a bit jarring at first, I didn’t expect him to have such a baby face underneath all of that.

“Hugo, how old are you?” I asked after he stepped out of my bathroom.

He finished drying his hair and turned a bit my direction. “Just turned twenty four. Why? Making sure I’m legal?” He teased.

And back to the normal Hugo. I snorted as I buttoned up my coat. “You’re very funny. Breakfast sound good?”

“Ah, the glorious stale bagels and mushy eggs, what a glorious feast!”  

Hugo pumped both fists into the air before sprinting out the door, into the hall… and then slipping in an enormous puddle of blood.

The scent hit me before the sight, the wet, metallic smell making me gag. My eyes started watering. I stepped out expecting to see another dead body.

The hallway was drenched, the walls, the floor, the ceiling, all oozing and dripping. I covered my mouth with my shirt collar. I felt the tacky blood stick to my shoes. Hugo sat very still in the middle of it all, his mouth in a perfect ‘o’. He lifted up one of his hands to his face, examining the red, before he puked violently onto the floor.

I followed suit shortly after but at least managed to run back into my room to use the trash can.

Cleaning this mess seemed impossible, but what was more disturbing was trying to find the source. I was placed on that duty with Hugo, who looked like he regretted every moment of his life up until then. We didn’t talk. We just followed the trail of blood, which turned from dragging footsteps to streaks like they’d fallen and began to crawl.

We found Ollie kneeling next to one of the bathrooms. Almost like he was praying while trying to push his intestines back into his body. Whoever had killed him had slit his belly wide open. Hugo groaned and covered his mouth. “Hated the bastard. Didn’t want him dead though.”

There were no tears, but there were pity. I shook my head. “Neither did I. I really hope he’s the only victim.” Could so much blood could come from a single person?

I had almost stood back up when I saw something twitch among Ollie’s spilled guts. I frowned before I knelt back down, using one of the pens in my pocket to to push aside one of the intestines.

The tube of flesh burst at that moment, and out came a very large, bloodsoaked rat. Followed by another. And another.

My scream was so loud I alerted security.