A Second Dose of Love Potion

Journal Entry #1

It’s been so long since I’ve been home.

I can’t leave, not because I don’t want to- I think I’ve had some semblance of control. Some days are clearer than others. Lots of times it’s a haze. A haze of sex, music, and dancing. Other times, times like right now, I’m practically normal… except I’m surrounded by a bunch of satyrs and other girls that got entranced by their songs.

But I’m going to change that.

I found a bunch of Love Potions stashed in the back of one of the guys’ cars. The damn thing that caused this in the first place. The reason Brian and so many other guys are freaks.

But I was Gus’ study partner. I still have access to his dropbox folder.

Tomorrow I’m going into town to see if he kept the ‘instructions’ to make a Love Potion in there. Knowing him? He absolutely did.

Journal Entry #2

He did.

There are scans of pages of a book, much more than just the original love potion. I don’t even know what half of these things really are. Violet ferns? Earth from the Mytikas Peak? I’d normally presume this was coded. But then again, I’m sleeping next to a literal satyr.

I almost forget sometimes who he is. Brian’s voice is still the same, although it’s gotten a little lower. But I can’t even look at his face without focusing on his slotted pupils or horns. I feel ashamed for freaking out when I saw him. Maybe if I kept a cool head, he wouldn’t have panicked and kidnapped me.

I shouldn’t be blaming myself though. This is Gus’ fault.

And hopefully with the original Love Potion on hand, I can make this right.

Journal Entry #3

I lost a few days of working, random orgies do that. I swear teenage boys are bad enough. Turning them into horny goatmen is just. Ugh. Why.

Still, I’ve began the process of distilling and separating the ingredients of the Love Potion. We’ve made a habit of stealing from campers and luring people from their cars to take what we can. It’s shitty, but it’s the best way to stay out of the way. With that money I managed to buy the basics I need for my project. Thankfully the idiot goat boys know to stay away from the tent. Keep your hairy boners out of here or I will break them.

I wonder if my mom’s okay. Or if my sister’s enjoying highschool. She should be a freshman by now. I hope she isn’t struggling with the classwork. If this works though, we’ll be home soon.

I still don’t know how I’ll tell them what happened.

Journal Entry #4

God Brian snores loudly. It’s like a freight train. I hope he’s not getting another cold.

I’m not gonna say he’s cute sleeping, he drools like nothing else, but at least he’s calm. The transformation really adds a lot of energy, and I’m not just talking about sex. Whenever he’s awake he’s moving in some way, pacing, tapping his fingers on his thigh or scraping his foot, well, hoof across the ground. It’s like he can’t shut off.

I don’t look forward to going through that myself.

Journal #5

I think I have the cure. The journal makes little to no sense, but some pages bring up ‘the opposing’ ingredients added to the initial potion could reverse it. Mytikas Peak is part of a mountain, right? So I went down into one of the canyons around here and dug up some earth. A purple fern, the opposing color to purple on the color wheel is yellow/green, so I found some ferns around here that have started to go yellow. It might not be the actual ingredients, it might be just what they mean!

But I won’t test this on any of the existing satyrs. They’ve been through enough. So in true scientist fashion, I’ll drink a love potion and undergo the transformation myself. It’ll be interesting to document. And if it doesn’t work…

I’ll be under more pressure to succeed next time.

Journal #6

Transformation took a little under a month. I’m a satyress now.

On one hand, I’m now completely immune to satyr music. On the other hand, clothes are damn near impossible to wear, I now understand why everyone insists on staying naked. Clothes on fur? So uncomfortable. I feel bad for every time I made Chopsticks wear a sweater. Poor cat. I hope Mom’s feeding him.

The effect on my mental state is interesting. Through my musical abilities I’ve managed to get a hold of a bottle of Xanax. It makes me calmer and able to relax. I know I’m likely at risk for developing an addiction as it’s the only medication I have to help manage my anxiety of my new… shape. But it’s the best I could do. The worst part was my feet falling off. My toes turned gray before they went black and then they snapped off. I’ve kept the feet pieces in a sealed bag. Just in case. You never know with science.

That’s a part that concerns me. Will curing me somehow regenerate my feet? Or will I be left unable to walk without assistance?

There’s no time to consider that. I have the first cure ready. Like the initial Love Potion, it’s a perfume and a drink. I’ll imitate how I took the initial Love Potion and pray that the opposite will in fact return me to normal.

Journal #7

Not much to report. I don’t require the Xanax though- that’s a step. My brain is wired as it normally is, minus the immunity to song. It leaves me a lot more time to work, not being tempted out to ‘play’ with the others… not saying I don’t join them on occasion, but it’s much easier to simply ignore them.

Everything else is the same though- enhanced sex drive, hair, hooves, eyes, horns. I am still a satyress.

Journal #8

My right horn has snapped in half.

I was having sex with Brian, we got quite into it and accidentally knocked heads. I heard a sound like the cracking of an eggshell and suddenly my head leaned sharply to the left, now imbalanced.

I pushed Brian off, picked up my horn, and ran back to my research tent to examine the new evidence.

My horn is now entirely hollow, I’m stunned. The boys like to butt horns, they can take quite a bit of damage. The fact my horns are hollowing out proves that my experiment may be working.

I would say I think Brian’s a little irritated but I just caught sight of Barry mounting him. Sexuality in Greek mythology was known for being quite fluid, but I think Brian’s just bisexual.

Journal #9

My other horn has fallen off and hair is regrowing in place. The realization that I possibly have a cure on my hands has been met with mixed reactions.

A lot of the boys do want to be cured, Barry in particular. He created a song in my honor when I told him what I was working on. But some of the others seem hesitant.

I mean, for the past year, we’ve had almost no responsibility. No worrying about the future when today is all that matters. No more fretting about our futures. Jobs. Moving out. It doesn’t matter anymore. Not when we’ve flown off to Neverland to play as Satyrs and Greek Maidens.

But I am adamant on continuing my experiment.

Journal #10

The hair has been coming off in patches for a few days now, but what is more shocking is the regeneration of my feet.

They’re not back. Not entirely. I’m unable to properly walk yet. But flesh has formed around my hoof and is extending. I can feel twinges of pain and it’s very sensitive. Brian’s been very nurturing, I barely have to ask him before he’s running off to get something for me. The joints in my legs have straightened back out as well, I have proper facing knees again. Something I never thought I’d be happy to say.

I’m not labeling this a success yet, of course, but my hopes are high.

Journal #11

My skin is smooth as a baby’s. No more fur. It’s all fallen out. Except for the hair on my head. In fact that’s seemingly gotten thicker, and darker. My feet are stiff but movable. I can walk. I look normal. Except for… one detail.

So I thought my eyes were turning back brown, which is important, having yellow goat eyes really wouldn’t work. But my irises have turned dark purple.

Granted, this wouldn’t be a horrible side effect, but I’ve noticed Gus’ potions only go wrong a little at first. I’m halting taking the antidote. And praying I didn’t do anything wrong.

Journal #12

I can make people drunk.

This isn’t a side effect anymore, it’s a new evolution of my transformation. My eyes are more wine colored, now that I think about it. I’m not sure exactly how I did it, I think it was skin to skin contact with Leroy. But he started hiccuping and giggling and tripping around, exactly like a drunk. It wore off within a few hours, no hangover, but he admitted he did feel drunk.

An interesting effect.

Journal ????

Fucking Gus. He can’t even make a potion right. I had no fucking idea what I was doing and I made a better one than him! I’m a GOD! I’m able to influence the sanity of my satyrs, they will listen to my every beck and call. They will now. They know not to fuck with me.

Journal #13

I… have no idea when I wrote that last entry. I’m surprised I can read it, it’s covered in bloody fingerprints. I just know that things went very sour between me and three of the boys. Three of them who were very hesitant to get turned back to normal.

I’m not sure what convinced them they should kill me to make sure the cure was never finished, but they tried. And almost succeeded.

They attacked me when I was leaving my research tent. The biggest one headbutted my stomach before another one drew a knife and stabbed me, in the chest. He didn’t even pull the knife out, he stumbled back and vomited.

I remember pulling the knife out. Seeing blood pour down my shirt.

And then smelling grape wine.

I’m back to normal now… supposedly. Everyone listens to my commands. I am their god, I suppose. What I did to my attackers was unnatural. Their transformations…

I’d seen a dolphin in person once before. It was a live encounter, on a cruise with my family. I remember their smooth skin, how full of life they were. That wasn’t what the two corpses I found looked like. Their skin was blotched purple and white, their eyes shriveled back into their skulls. It smelled terrible too.

The third satyr is catatonic at the moment. Brian told me he laughed hysterically and ran in circles for several hours before dropping and not moving. I’m not sure if he’ll ever wake up.

Journal #15

We’re coming to find you Gus. We might’ve given up for a while, but we’re back on the road.

Make sure he gets this CL.