Charm Potion

Mackenzie, I know you’ll want to delete this email when you get it, but please, please hear me out. I know I fucked up. I’m so sorry. I should’ve listened to you, I should’ve listened to Maura. I’m so sorry what happened to Greg. Please let me explain my side of things.

You know how competitive I get. The talent show was all I wanted to win. I got tunnel vision. Day in and day out I practiced, I worked my butt off, but when I heard that Greg was entering… I knew I didn’t have a chance in hell of winning. Greg has such a pretty voice, and he’s actually, well, good at impressing with it. It takes more than a pretty voice to win, and he had that appeal.

I was so upset. Maura tried to tell me I still had a chance but I knew when I was beat out.

So that’s why I went to make a deal with the devil.

The devil’s name is Gus Katsoros, who would’ve thought?

I thought he was just some sort of internet legend, someone who could make you into anything for a price. It wasn’t too hard tracking him down, his email address was easy enough to find. I asked him if he had anything that could help me out.

And he sent me a dose of Charm Potion.

It was a perfume and a drink combo. Take the drink before bed, spray yourself in the morning, and in just a few days you’ll have a natural aura to draw people in. The certain quality to my performance that I’d need to win.

Like the stories, it tasted pretty bad, but it did its work after a few days. People were drawn to me like a moth was to flame. I loved the attention. You were pretty excited for me at first, I think?

But Greg found out and accused me of cheating.

He must’ve seen the perfume bottle. I kept in my purse to give myself an extra spritz in between classes. God, he might’ve been your boyfriend, but he was a real dick when he cornered me and threatened to tell the principal about my little ‘trick’ unless…

Unless I shared with him.

I think this is why what happened… happened. Gus specifically advised that I don’t share the Charm potion, as it’s still in the testing phase. I mean, I shared with Maura and Gabrielle too, and they became ‘charming’, so when Greg shook me down, I figure what was the worst that could happen.

I think I know what the problem was.

I first caught on to something being wrong with Greg when he kept spacing out in history. At first I brushed it off, I thought he might’ve just been thinking about the talent contest. But then I realized that the main times he spaced out? Is when I or the other girls who took the Charm Potion talked.

I didn’t really pay attention though. I mean,  I was finally getting some really nice attention from everyone, so what if Greg got a wee bit spacey every now and then? Course, then I started sprouting feathers… from my arms… and my back…

Look I know that sounds crazy. But so do Charm Potions. Something that’ll draw a person to you whenever you speak, or more importantly, when you sing.

Remember when we were kids and used to read all that Greek Mythology stuff? How many hours we used to spend in libraries or on the internet, going through page after page of gods and monsters? We had so much fun back then… but…

Have you ever heard of a male siren?

The last time I saw Greg I knew he wasn’t doing well. He’d stopped eating lunch with the rest of us, every free period he had I’d hear him in the music room, singing his heart out. But it was an empty sound. His voice was all raspy and his eyes were bloodshot. And when you told me how he’d grown kinda… obsessed with me, I was creeped out. You thought he was cheating on me with you. I swear. Nothing happened. I would never do that to you. You were my best friend.

I hope you still are.

I swear I didn’t kill him. I just got a text telling me to meet him at the pool at six. That he desperately needed to tell me something.

I arrived at 6:15 and he was already dead.

He was just floating face down in the pool, still dressed. I found his suicide note, I didn’t mean to take it with me. That’s why the police didn’t find one. Here’s the message:

Every day I hear her voice. I can’t close my eyes without hearing it. It haunts my every moment, and I hear it begging me to join her in the water.

I can bear it no longer. I will join her in the water. I will swim out to chase what my heart desires, for I know she has it.

I don’t have an explanation for… any of this. My physical transformation has gotten pretty bad. I’m not gonna lie. I looked… not. Human. My body is entirely feathered now. I have claws. My fingers are melding together, it’s a miracle I can type this at all.

I don’t have much time. The bus is coming soon. I’m leaving town. That’s my story, believe it or not. It doesn’t matter. I don’t think there’s any going back from this.

I’m sorry.

– Isabelle