A Story About Blue Eyes

‘Hey, can you help me find this story?’

You get questions like this all the time when you run a horror tumblr. You’ll get a confused person, anonymous or not, asking if you were the one who wrote this story or if you’ve heard of it. Couple times I have written what they’re looking for, other times I know the person who did, and if none of that works odds are one of my followers know.

I personally enjoy these questions.  If I haven’t heard of the story then maybe I’ve found something new to read, and I love finding new things to read. And if I have heard of it, well, I’m just helping someone out.

A couple days ago I got an ask about a story that still has me scratching my head though.

It was about midnight, I was just doing some insomnia induced scrolling when the red number above my inbox popped up. Wondering if this was finally the day I got anonymous hate, I clicked and prepped myself for a message telling me to delete my blog and kill myself.

However today was not that day. Instead it was a question like above.

‘Can you help me? I’m trying to find this story about blue eyes. I think it had something to do with hauntings or ghosts, it’s literally driving me insane. Have you heard of it?’

I wracked my tired brain for an answer and naturally, I came up empty. It wasn’t exactly the most vivid description and I was just that tired. I decided to answer it tomorrow and shut down my computer for the night, still trying to think of a story about blue eyes.

Next morning, as luck would have it, Tumblr ate the ask. Thanks Tumblr. Might want to work on that.

So the ask poofed but now the blue eyed story was stuck on my mind. Maybe I didn’t know the answer, but I had friends who spent late night binges reading anything they could get their hands on.

I sent off messages to Ada and Casey first, and as an afterthought sent one off to Hugo too. He might’ve been rarely online but I just had to know.

I went through my day as normal. Worked on writing my book. Answered a few more asks. Washed dishes. And all the while the blue eyed story was lurking in the back of my mind.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I had likely read this story. It felt so familiar, the name was somewhere in my mind but I just couldn’t remember. I ended up googling it out of sheer frustration, but I just got some crap urban legends. Nothing like what the anonymous person wanted to find.

Ada replied to my message first.

‘It sounds familiar? But I can’t remember. I swear this is going to keep me up all night.’

Casey was less help.

‘lol nope.’

Ah. The best of friends.

I’m not sure if Ada’s been kept up all night about this story. But I sure have.

No one likes having something caught at the tip of their tongue. It’s the most irritating sensation, like an itch you can’t scratch. I spent several hours tossing and turning in bed, finally giving up on sleep to get on the computer and find this goddamn story.

I scoured the nosleep reddit. Went several pages into google. Sent off messages to every horror blog I felt comfortable with… and then the ones I didn’t.

It’s been three days since I’ve started my search. Hugo’s never responded to my message. I think he’s just too tired to get online. Ada’s stopped replying too, either she’s tired of hearing about this story or she’s still searching for it like I have.

I’m certain I’ve read this story before. It’s about a pair of blue eyes that stare upon you, bloodshot, unblinking. They accuse you. They know what you’ve done. What you’ve forgotten. How you’ve hurt others by your carelessness.

So now I turn to you, dear followers. I have no idea of where this story is or what its title could be.

Can you help me find this story about blue eyes?

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