TW: Rape, Serious Gore

Doing something like this for her son was not typically what Brenda would do. But god, Chris was her only child, and she wanted to do something about his twentieth birthday. Something to help him. Make him feel better. Make him feel like a man.

So she got Miss Audrey Scarlet on the phone and made a time for her to come over.

She arrived right on time, just as the sun was going down. Miss Audrey was just as gorgeous as she sounded on the phone- swaying hips, legs as long as the day, a pearly white smile, and heavily lidded amber eyes. A dream in a woman, and she could be bought with a price.

“Brenda! It’s Audrey, we spoke on the phone?”

Brenda nodded and opened the door. “Come in.” She’d made tea- she didn’t really know how to handle these kinds of situations. Thankfully Audrey didn’t seem offended, and crossing those long legs over each other, took the tea cup and quietly drank.

“Mmm! Thank you. So, I’m here for your son, you said on the phone?”

Brenda looked at her hands, her nails bitten to sore nubs. “… Yes, Chris. He just turned twenty.”

Audrey nodded, running her finger over the rim of the mug. Her nails weren’t bitten, they were long and had those nice white tips. This girl probably made more in an hour than Brenda did a month, she wasn’t even half of Brenda’s age. “Ah, birthday boy! So, you know he has some interesting kinks?”

“I… have that impression.” Brenda was struggling not to bite. Ladies didn’t bite their nails, but it was a habit she’d picked up as a teen. “Look, he lost his father when he was six, ever since he’s been really shy… not even shy. He barely leaves his room. He’s a good boy, really!”

Audrey raised her hand. “It’s fine. Did he at least shower, before he came? I know, that’s rude, but-”

“He stays clean. He’s very insistent on staying clean. And yes he knows you’re here… he’s thrilled, really.” Brenda swallowed. “So, I have enough to pay for two hours, should I leave or…”

Chuckling, Audrey waggled her finger at Brenda teasingly. “I’ll give you a tip- only pay for one. I think we both know how men are the first time they get inside of a cunt.” Brenda’s face turned as red as Audrey’s lipstick. Audrey only laughed before adding, “You better give us some privacy, though. You are his mom, after all. You do not wanna hear what’s gonna happen in that bedroom.”

Ten minutes after Brenda had pulled out of the drive Audrey removed her coat and dress, and only in a black corset and matching thong, strutted to the bedroom down the hall.

Chris was an average looking young man, with thick rimmed glasses and the same bitten nails as his mother. “Are… are you Audrey?” He mumbled.

Audrey sashayed up to Chris, tilting his chin up. She smiled before she took off his glasses.

“I’m the girl who’s gonna make your dreams come true, baby.”

It started with a lapdance. Audrey rolled her hips onto her client’s, purring about all the naughty things she was going to do with him. Chris was tense, unresponsive. Performance anxiety, most would assume.

It was only when Audrey ran her hand down his face did Chris react- he slapped Audrey across the face.

Audrey shouted and fell back, onto the floor. “Ow! Son of a bitch, your mom did notpay for-”

Chris gripped onto Audrey’s hair, the once expressionless young man maniacally grinning. “You’re so dirty, you fucking bitch. Do you know that? Huh? Huh? Do you know you’re filthy?” Now finally Chris was hard. Harder than he’d ever been his life. Again, he slapped Audrey, his body shaking with ecstasy. “I hate you. Hate all women like you. You’re all filthy! You know the only clean part of you there is?” He unbuttoned his pants and shoved his penis inside of her mouth. He was clean- too clean. Like he’d spent hours scrubbing his body clean with harsh soaps and bleaches.

He finally let go and sighed, before he reached into his pocket and pulled out his butterfly knife. Audrey, coughing and gasping, went pale at the sight of the blade. “N-no! Please don’t, I promise, oh god I won’t tell your mom! I won’t tell your mom-” Her words cut off with a scream as Chris slashed open her stomach.

“The only clean part of you is what’s inside. Not your diseased cunt… what’s inside, that’s what’s clean.”

After Chris passed out, Audrey sighed. Damn, it was annoying pretending to be dead for so long. She sat up and grimaced at the sight of her intestines draped around her like party streamers. With much practice but still as much pain, Audrey pushed her bowels back into her body, the skin slowly sealing until finally she was back to normal. Except for, you know, still covered in blood and other nasty bodily fluids.

She cleaned up in the bathroom and walked into the living room to see Brenda, pale as death. Audrey put the pieces together quickly. “… Couldn’t help yourself huh?”

Brenda looked down, now tearing up. “I had to make sure. I had to make sure for myself that… that…” The woman burst into sobs, burying her face into her hands.

Audrey sighed before she grabbed her coat, wrapping it around herself before sitting next to Brenda. “His father isn’t dead, isn’t he?” Brenda was dead silent. “Brenda, answer me.”

“… He’s still in prison. For the rape and murder of six young women.” Brenda lowered her hands. “Chris’ hamsters just turned up dead all the time, he’d cry. But he’d beg for more, and they’d be dead in a month. And after a while it’s just- they were mangled- and I had to be sure. What do I do now?”

Audrey rubbed Brenda’s back. “You’re not gonna like it. You’re basically my bitch now.”

“What?!” Brenda looked horrified, and Audrey burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry, that was too much. You need to control your son? Let him let out his urges on me. I’ll be Audrey, the whore.” Audrey leaned back, cracked her neck, and suddenly instead of the call girl beauty was a blonde haired woman in glasses and a patient, trusting smile. “Kara, the therapist you call for at home visits.” Now the woman who sat there was a redheaded teen with freckles and a school uniform. “Even the girl next door, Britney.”

‘Audrey’ leaned forward, an innocent school girl grinning like the demon she was. “It’s easy, Brenda. It’s gonna cost you. But this way, you keep your son. He doesn’t ever go to prison. And he’ll never have killed anyone, and he’ll never know. So what do you think? Can we make this a more permanent situation?”

Brenda swallowed and bit at her thumb, drawing blood. “… Can we agree on a rate I can afford?” She said after minutes of silence. Audrey grinned even wider, like the Cheshire Cat.

“We’ll make this work. We can use each other, Brenda… but you need me a lot more than I need you. I have more clients. You don’t know anyone else who can do the things I can.”

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