Teacher’s Pet

TW: Statutory Rape

I think every straight guy in my school had a thing for Miss Bell. 

I’m the last dude you want to come to when it comes to judging ‘female beauty’, but even I could admit she was pretty. Blonde hair usually drawn back in that messy bun style, a bod that would make Venus jealous, and a round face that was nearly always smiling or laughing.  

She was our English II teacher, she’d just transferred in that year from California. During our first class, she told about going to college and how she used to surf on the weekends. My friend Sean elbowed me and whispered about how she’d look in a bikini. My practical ass said that she probably was wearing a wetsuit when she surfed. This got the back of my head punched and Sean whispering ‘Gaaaaaaaaaay’ into my ear. I mean, really not inaccurate, but the punch wasn’t necessary.  

Miss Bell wasn’t a bad teacher, I don’t think, but she wasn’t the greatest. For one, she so clearly picked favorites. I think Sean nearly creamed his pants when she leaned down next to him when wearing a low button down shirt to explain how to properly use an adverb. Me, on the other hand, she’d just tell me to check the notes when I had a question. The notes were useful but Jesus Christ woman, would it kill you to take two seconds out of your day to teach?

The favorites in my class were my friend Sean and Elijah, the former being captain of the debate team and the latter being halfback on the football team. Now I can say without a doubt both of these guys were hot as fuck, so I guess that’s why she liked them. Her least favorite students were so clearly the girls. She ignored them more than she ignored me and that’s saying something. When she did talk to them, it was condescending as fuck. Poor Tracy had the nerve to ask a question about Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Masque of Red Death’ and the look that Miss Bell gave her could make plants wither.

I mostly ignored this for the most part until the rumor spread that Miss Bell was sleeping with her favorites.

I know, lots of guys would think this was the greatest thing, scoring with the hot teacher… but all her students were around fifteen or sixteen at this point. That’s not fucking okay, I don’t care how ‘hot’ people think it is. It’s a bit personal for me, if I’m honest. My older sister was preyed on by one of her teachers when she was a freshmen. It only came out when she got pregnant at age fourteen.  

That guy’s still rotting in jail and when he gets out I’m gonna probably punch his face till it breaks.

It’s the double standard of it. Up until this point I tolerated Miss Bell, but after that skeleton fell out of the closet, I despised her. I decided to follow up with Sean at his house, since he was a supposed favorite.  

We were playing video games, eating mozzarella sticks and just chatting it up when I decided to bring up Miss Bell.

“Soooo… what do you think about her?” I asked, snatching another mozzarella stick off the Mt. Everest mountain pile of them. Sean’s mom always wanted to make sure I was fed, I think she genuinely believed I didn’t eat anywhere else but her house.

Sean’s face lit up in a way that made my stomach twist. “Oh man, she’s the greatest! I got to study at her house last Saturday,” He said.

I swallowed. “… Did… all you do was study?” I asked, glancing up the stairs to make sure Mrs. Barnett wasn’t within hearing distance.

Sean grinned and leaned in close. “… We did it on her kitchen table,” He said.

Well, that confirmed it. “Dude, she’s like, thirty! That’s not cool!” I said, jerking away and nearly knocking over Mt. Mozzarella.

Sean snorted and rolled his eyes. “Come on, it’s not like I didn’t want it. And she’s not thirty, she’s twenty eight,” He said as if that made it all better.

“I’m telling you, it’s kinda creepy that a twenty eight year old woman wants to ‘do it’ with a sixteen year old,” I said.

“It won’t be creepy when I’m twenty eight and she’s forty… is that math right?”

I shoved him and was about to tell him exactly what I thought when Mrs. Barnett came downstairs with hamburgers and chattered our ears off. By the time she left, all the courage I had about broaching that topic again with Sean had left. I know that makes me a coward, but it’s kinda hard to tell someone they’re being victimized when they think they’ve reached cloud nine.  

God, I really should’ve talked with Sean about it sooner.

That Friday I’d forgotten my copy of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ in Miss Bell’s class and was heading back to get it when I saw she wasn’t alone in class. Maybe hoping to get some evidence of her creeping on teenage boys, I listened in.

I recognized the other person as Malcolm. Malcolm wasn’t the brightest bulb in the package, he’d been held back a year and thought of himself as a bad ass just because he graffiti’d the school with giant spray paint dicks once. Right now, Malcolm was crying and I felt sick to my stomach.

“I just… I just don’t wanna lose you, Tia,” He said between choked sobs.  

“Oh, baby,” Miss Bell brought Malcolm into a tight hug, “You won’t lose me. I love you, and you love me. That’s why I know you’ll do your very best to keep me.” 

Malcolm sniffled and pulled back, but there was this oddly peaceful smile on his face. “I’ll do it. You know I can,” He said.

“That’s my baby.”

I darted off after that, resolving on Monday that I’d go to the principal and tell him about the conversation I heard. I needed that much time to work up my nerve… I really wish I wasn’t such a coward then.

That night Malcolm went into Taco Bell and put three bullets in Chase Stanford’s chest.

It was all over Facebook. My feed went from cute animal rescue stories and memes to ‘HOLY SHIT SOMEONE’S SHOOTING UP TACO BELL’. The only person killed was Chase and thank god no one else was injured, but it shook me to the core when it came out that the shooter was Malcolm… and that he was still at large.  

It was like everyone went fucking crazy over the span of a single night. My mom ended up guarding the door with a gun while my dad watched the back door while wielding a baseball bat. I was ordered to stay in my room and if I heard anything suspicious to immediately call 911.

How crazy, do you ask?  

Well, Malcolm’s murder spree had only just begun, and it wasn’t only him who had suddenly gained a lust for blood.  

An hour after Malcolm killed Chase, someone broke into a party at Elijah’s house and proceeded to pummel the shit out of him before putting another bullet in his back. Unlike Chase, Elijah managed to survive after some serious surgery, although he’d never walk again. The cops weren’t sure if Elijah’s attempted murderer was Malcolm or someone else, although if it was Malcolm, well…  

Malcolm ended up getting stabbed to death that night.

He was found with a dozen stab wounds in his chest and neck, bleeding out on a street corner. He didn’t even make it until the medics got there. In his jacket pocket was a confession and a dedication. He was doing this all for his girl, to prove that he was going to be her true love forever and ever.  

Murder. Murder everywhere. Everyone in my school made it their responsibility to keep everyone updated as soon as they could. All I could do was watch.  

Max Reid broke into Brad Watson’s house with a knife and after stabbing his mom went after Brad. Brad ended up throwing Max down the stairs and the idiot broke his neck. It came out later that Max’s knife was the one used to kill Malcolm.  

Brad ended up trying to break into the hospital where Elijah was being treated (god knows how he found out) and tried to get to him. He obviously got arrested.  

Someone broke into Jake Curtis’ house and when he found out Jake wasn’t there ended up shooting both of his parents. They both died.

Jake wasn’t there because he was choking Oliver Ballard to death. His hunter caught up to him and executed him.  

The list goes on and on.

I found out the pattern real quick. Each of the murderers/victims were the favorites of Miss Bell. I had a breakdown and told my parents what I’d figured out. They immediately called the cops and tipped them off. Of course the cops went to Miss Bell’s house but she was long gone, she’d probably not even returned home after school let out. Her car was found abandoned a few miles out of town.

I ended up getting questioned about the other ‘favorites’ and I listed who else I knew was rumored to be a favorite. I’d like to think I saved a few lives by doing that.  

I didn’t save Sean’s though.  

When the police caught up to him, he’d been in the process of shooting another student in the head. The mystery second shooter. I don’t know how they talked him down from the gun but he was brought in. He’s going to spend a long, long time in prison.  

The sun came up and over a dozen people were dead. Five favorites remained and all of them were locked up in prison. Their stories were basically all the same though- Miss Bell told them that they had to.

That fucking bitch. She’d managed to manipulate all of her teenage lovers into murdering each other before she skipped town. Why, we don’t know. Miss Bell’s gone with the wind. Heck, they found out that wasn’t even her real name. Her real identity is a mystery.

I’ve graduated by now. Every week I go visit Sean in prison. He’s gotten his GED at least. I’m proud of him for sticking around. At least two of the other kids that were caught committed suicide within a month of incarceration.  

Last time I saw him though I noticed something on his left hand. A golden ring. I asked who gave it to him.

He just smiled and changed the subject, but I’m worried about him.  

I wonder if Miss Bell is still lurking around, waiting for her favorite student to get out of prison.

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