I See Pictures

TW: Rape

I see pictures of her every day.

Sarah, my girlfriend, Sarah. I guess you could say we were high school sweethearts, dating ever since our freshman year. When we graduated we saved up every penny, together, and got our own place.

Everyone loved Sarah. She was beautiful, and kind, and everything a guy could want. She had her flaws but it’s not like anyone’s perfect. Hell, I’m everything but perfect, and she wanted to be with me.

Which is why I was so shocked when I woke up one morning and she was gone.

At first I thought she had taken our dog for a walk, but Sport was at the front door, whining to go out. Her car was still there, I figured at first she might’ve just gone for a walk without him. I got breakfast ready but no sign of Sarah.

Finally I went out to her car, to see if she had grabbed her purse.

She hadn’t. But there was blood on the driver’s side window, now cracked.

I called the police.

They questioned me for hours. I only told the truth: I loved Sarah, and I had been in bed all night. In the end they stopped searching through me and started looking for her actual abductor.

The next week the pictures started coming.

I went to the mailbox on Monday and found an envelope, the paper yellow and dirty. There was no return address, no sign where it came from. I opened it up and found the first picture.

There was my Sarah. Her blonde hair had been shorn off, a bloody wound scabbed over on her forehead. She was covered in dirt, the background wasn’t clear but it appeared she was in a basement with a cement floor.

Her arms were covered in precise thin cuts, from her wrist to her shoulder. Parallel red lines. Her eyes were wide with tears and although there was duct tape over her mouth, I could just hear her screaming, ‘Help me!’

They came every day after that. Same envelopes, never a return address. Every kind of torture imaginable was inflicted on her. Hot brands were placed on her stomach, she was beaten and whipped, more cuts were applied to her face and body… the recording was the most shocking though.

I finally got to see her abductor. The man looked nothing special, dark hair, large ears, but a very white, wide smile. He positioned the camera, and gave me the most evil grin before he backed away and revealed my Sarah.

She had been stripped naked, I could see the pink flower tattoos on her ribs, or what was left of them- in an earlier picture he had used a skinning knife to peel most of them off. She was spreadeagled on the bed, tied down with ropes. The man lifted up a small vial filled with a clear liquid and swished it around in front of the camera before he sauntered over to her.

He uncapped the vial and spilled some on her breasts.

Judging by the loud scream and how she started thrashing, it was acid. I covered my mouth and almost looked away as he spilled more over her stomach and thighs. The horrendous wails and begging, please, god, stop.

And then he raped her.

I watched Sarah be raped, wailing and screaming for me to stop watching, get help, please…

And then the tape ended.

… I gotta say, when I found out Sarah was cheating on me, I didn’t expect my best friend to have this reaction when I told him. I never wanted to see her lying cheating bitch face again…

But again, he proved me wrong. I did want to see it again.

Covered in blood, in bruises. Pleading and begging for mercy.

I see pictures every day.

Thanks, Mike. You really went above and beyond the call of duty for me.

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