Kristy’s Exorcism

Kristy was possessed by a demon.  

As her father, it was soul shattering to realize. She was my only child, the light of my life. Her mother and I loved her dearly. She was the perfect daughter. She sung in the choir, she sat at the front row in Sunday school and always wanted the pews closest to the priest so she could hear him.  

She was one of God’s children and she was happy.  

When she turned fourteen, that’s when the Devil got her.  

I don’t know what happened that night when Kristy slept over at her friend’s house. I heard rumors that Chelsea had an Ouija board. That she was talking to spirits and demons. But I only heard that after Kristy’s behavior changed overnight.

It was like my daughter became a whole new person. No longer laughing, she glared at everyone and started sassing back at me.  My daughter who never so much talked a cruel word had began to curse at the slightest inconvenience.  

The church told me it was just her being a rebellious teenager. It happened to all kids. In a few months or a year she’d be back to normal. I took comfort in that and always kept my door open for my daughter.  

It was when she began to lie is when I finally let it sink in that something was wrong.

She started talking about sex. Now she had some health classes at school, but I knew Kristy had never had sex. But she started using details and words that I never taught her and that none of her friends knew. I would’ve washed out her mouth with soap if she hadn’t screamed at me before storming out, slamming her bedroom door so loudly it shook the house.

I ended up having to take the lock out. That was a privilege, but I was starting to fear for her safety. She started wearing long sleeve shirts and pants, and my wife once caught her in middress. She’d began to hurt herself, cuts were all up and down her arms. We took away her razors, but still the cuts formed, like the devil’s claws. She had no way to do that to herself once we took away the temptation, at least we thought.

Kristy retreated back into her mind. Her fight with Satan was weakening her. She wouldn’t come out of her room unless to go to school, and forget church. My wife would beg her to come out, but she’d yell curses and threats if we so much as tried to turn the doorknob.

What was once my daughter was now a stranger living in my house.  

I contacted Father DeGrave with my suspicions, telling him everything. The good Father didn’t seem to believe me until I told him when it all started, the Ouija board at her friend’s. Then he seemed quite interested. He asked for more details. I told him all. The vulgar language. The mystery claw marks. The anger.  

Father DeGrave asked to speak to Kristy, and I gladly allowed him to. I couldn’t make her leave the house but Father DeGrave said it was no trouble for him to come over.  

They stayed in her room for three hours. I watched the clock the whole time. I expected the house to start shaking, Kristy to start screaming, Father DeGrave to force away the demon inside of her so I could get my little girl back.

Instead, I heard crying. Lots of crying. From her and Father DeGrave. When he emerged, his face was still reddened, but he was calm.

He looked me in the eyes.

“There is no devil in your child.”

Chelsea’s father was arrested the next day. Chelsea came forward to back up Kristy’s story about the events of the sleepover.

A story that was a lie straight from Beelzebub’s mouth.  

The cruelest trick the devil pulled yet was to cast the blame at a sinless man. Blake never touched Kristy! He was loving of his wife and daughter, a deacon of the church, and one of my closest friends! Yet perhaps the church could not be trusted if even the priest had the wool pulled over their gaze.  

It was on me and my wife now. To take this evil out of my child. To save a good man’s name.  

I did my research. The internet is a tool for God even if Satan has perverted it. I got Holy Water from another church, not from Father DeGrave. He’s not a true man of God. Not like I am.

We had to gag Kristy. Her screaming could confuse others as to the purpose. The demon’s begging me to stop, but I am determined.  

I recite holy passages, I sprinkle the boiling Holy water onto her chest and self-inflicted wounds. My wife lays hands on her and placed pressure on her chest to cut off the breath of the demon pretending to be my child. If none of this works, starving it will.

Kristy’s scared now, but once she’s free from the hold of Satan, she’ll go back to being the light of my life.

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