My New Family

Some people think that the family you’re born with is the family you’re stuck with.

I’m here to tell you that is simply not true.

I had a bad family… before. I never felt loved. I didn’t belong, and they made damn sure I knew that. So I ran off. Just packed my shit, and got the hell out of dodge. Made sure I left my cat at my friend’s though. My old family wouldn’t have taken care of her. Selfish jerks.

My new family found me walking down the road and immediately took me home with them. It took a little convincing to make me stay, but I’m so glad I did.

My new dad is actually fun to interact with. He cares about what I say. He asks me about my day, and actually listens and cares. He loves to ruffle my hair. It’s so soothing to hear him sing along to some old blues singer. Sometimes we even watch movies together.

My new mom is the kindest woman you’d ever meet. She and her husband actually talk, and she has a say in what goes on. It’s amazing to know a woman with a backbone. She’s so independent, and funny, and actually understands me. She’s a great cook to boot, makes the most divine steak and potatoes. I always go to bed full and happy.

My new big sister is the best. She doesn’t yell at me or brush me off. We go out and actually do stuff together, like go to the library or the movies. She always pays because she knows I don’t work yet. She always knows the best times to go so that there’s the least amount of people. When we’re done we go and have some frozen yogurt or bubble tea. There we either talk about the movie or read books together. Those times no words are needed. We are just together.

My new little brother is just as wild as my last one, but he respects me. He figured out pretty quickly my word was authority, and he’s a snuggler. He’ll talk about the first grade and brush my hair and insist one day he’ll be a hairdresser one day. Our dad laughs but instead of telling him he’ll change his mind he’ll offer names for his shop and encourage him.

I feel so safe here.

I mean, it took a while, to get used to their ram horns and oblong pupils in their yellow irises. Took even longer to get used to their fangs and the fact there was always cuts of meat in the fridge that were labeled ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ directed at me. They don’t want to get me sick.

They love me. And I’ll always make sure my new family is well fed. I have a date tonight after all. I’ll be sure to take him home to meet the folks.

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