The Secret of Being Beautiful

You know, there was a time I thought I could keep doing porn forever.

Hi, I’m Beth. That’s not the name I use in the industry, but I think this is the closest I’ll get to being anonymous. I started doing adult videos when I was twenty, I wanted to be an actress but I wasn’t getting noticed and I’d just lost my job as a waitress. I had bills to pay. I figured I’d do it just once, something soft core, something to make sure I didn’t get kicked onto the streets.

I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much.

It’s not as sexy as you think, making porn. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into it, holding certain positions, staying aroused even when your partner’s dick kinda smells like old cheese, the various grossness that can come with anal scenes, but I truly enjoy it despite all that. I was free to explore things that I’d only fantasized about. Threesomes. Bondage. S&M. Lesbian. Bisexual. I grew up incredibly sheltered, I was taught sex was for making children and for after marriage, and pleasure wasn’t the goal, only a side effect. So getting into this line of work was freeing. And people loved me.

I’m quite a natural beauty, if I do say so myself. Large tits, small waist, big butt. Shockingly no surgery involved. I had a girlfriend who also did porn tell me how jealous she was of the fact I didn’t have to go under the knife for any of that. I’m a rare occurrence, believe me I know, but I never paid out for my good looks.

Life was great. I was constantly getting jobs. I had boyfriends, girlfriends, some relationships that ended poorly, more often then ended on great terms. I had so many friends. I lived a good life. I never got married, but that was always fine by me. If I needed a piece of paper to prove to someone I loved them, they weren’t worth it in my book.

I was thirty one when I got booked for my first MILF role.

Yeah, those ‘MILFs’ you drool are usually around that age. I was working with a girl that just turned eighteen, it was a stepmother/daughter scene. Now her boobs were definitely fake. But I saw the writing on the wall then.

I wasn’t getting booked for those young, innocent roles anymore. The next generation was coming in, and they were even more beautiful than I was.

MILF roles came in more often than not. I was great at the role, not gonna lie, but I was good at the other ones too. But people didn’t want me for that anymore.

Two years ago I realized my reign as a goddess of sex was coming to end.

It’s not just your appearance aging that kills your career in the end. It’s your body. Years of fucking every Dan and Duke can take its toll. No, it’s not because my vag got stretched out, that’s ridiculous. Thank god I never got an STD, but I found it more and more difficult to get wet enough, to get into those same kinky positions. And behind the scenes some of those Dans and Dukes could be real bitches about fucking ‘a grandma’. I was forty two. Sure as hell not a grandma. I punched out one guy when he called me an old bitch.

Yeah, that probably didn’t help my career much. Thank god he didn’t press charges. But guys find it a little intimidating to work with someone who gave a friend a black eye. And the guy I punched was a popular dude.

I didn’t want to give up my life. I loved, no, I love doing porn. It’s all I’ve ever done. I can’t imagine not doing it in front of a camera.

There was a moment I almost caved. There was a guy an ex knew who could give me the surgeries I needed for half the price as the legit docs. Smooth out the wrinkles, perk up the tits and the ass. I almost did it.

But my mom came to visit.

I always thought of her as a prude, my dad always called the shots and he blew his lid when one of his coworkers told him he saw one of my movies. Mom never spoke up. And I hadn’t talked to them until the day I walked into my kitchen and saw her playing with my cat Sneezy.

She’s always looked young, my mom. Hell, if a stranger on the street had to guess who was the mom and who was the daughter, they’d be picking me out as mom.

I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t seen her in so long. But she looked up, smiled.

“Bethany. Do you still like chicken pot pie? I can have one cooking in a jiffy while we catch up.”

God, it was so good to talk to her. She told me she never thought harshly of my career choice, she was even proud, but you know. Dad was a major conservative prick. He’d apparently kicked it last month from a heart attack and she’d come to deliver me what was left of his funds. I can’t prove that she might’ve edited his will to make sure I was provided for, but I wouldn’t be shocked if she did. My mom’s full of surprises.

I told her everything that I told you above, how I was getting less and less jobs, how I punched a guy for calling me a bitch, how I was considering plastic surgery just to make it a little while longer in this industry.

Mom nodded, continued to pet Sneezy. We enjoyed some killer pot pie.

And then she revealed to me the secret of her youthful looks.

“It’s all natural, sweetie,” She gestured to her face, “Passed down from mother to daughter when it’s time. If you go to that surgeon, I’ll give it a fifty fifty chance you’ll walk out looking like you’re thirty-five again or you’ll look like an expressionless leather wallet with boobs that’ll pop the moment you go up in an airplane. My way, our family’s way? One hundred percent chance you’ll look and feel twenty five again when it’s done with.”

I’m not an idiot. I knew the better way was Mom’s way. It was gonna hurt a bit, but I wasn’t going to bite the hand that fed me. And she’s told me she’ll help me this time. Next time, I’ll have to do it on my own.

I’m not putting the whole recipe on the internet, it’s a secret for a reason after all. If anyone else knew how easy it was to look young forever, everyone would do it. Several herbs and plants have to be thrown into a hot bath. It smelled like a garden in my bathroom.

I had to get the final ingredient though.

There was a woman once upon a time that believed if you bathed in the blood of virgins, you’d look young. And that… kinda works. Not long term though. And it’s only in appearance.

The girl in question doesn’t even have to be a virgin. Last month I’d met a new star, one that was like me once upon a time. Young. Naturally beautiful. No scalpels had ever penetrated her skin. If given the chance, she could’ve really made a splash.

But sex work of any kind can be a dangerous business.

Mom helped hold her down as I slit her throat over the bath. Blood poured into the water, turning the pale brown and green water a deep crimson. She didn’t even put up much of a fight, her eyes going blank after a few minutes.

Then I removed my robe and stepped into the bath. I’d have to be in here all night for it to work.

And I’m not kidding. It did. I look half my age. I feel it too. Since no one will believe I’m Beth, I’m now Beth’s little sister- Sandra. I look just like her too. People loved young Beth, they’re going to eat up Sandra.

The best part about working this industry is that I’ll never run out of young beautiful ladies to keep me beautiful.

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