The Worst Kind of Monster

I’m the worst kind of monster out there. I’m confessing now that I did not hurt those girls, I did not torture them, and I did not kill them.

But I did bring them to the one that would.

I met Edward Clancy when I was seventeen years old, he was twenty six. When we dated, he was sweet. Sex was always a bit strange, with how he’d insist on gagging me and tying me up, but it was a fun game, at least at first. After dating came marriage, when the game stopped being fun.

He started beating me.

I’d walk into work with a limp so obvious my coworkers would ask what happened. I told them I fell down the stairs. When I came in with a black eye, they asked again. I told them I hit my head on the car door.

They stopped asking after that. Clumsy Susie, that was me.

I wanted it to stop. I loved Edward, he was all that mattered in the world to me. But I couldn’t take the pain alone. I couldn’t take what he wanted to do to me.

The first time it was hard. It was a girl from the nearby high school. Her name was Kasey. I was friends with her older sister. I invited her over for drinks and to smoke some weed, since she couldn’t get away with it at home. She happily agreed.

Kasey never saw Edward coming. I didn’t stay in the room, but I could hear her muffled screams through the floorboards.

He didn’t play with the first one for long, he got too excited. By the time he opened up the basement door, covered in blood and panting like a dog, her body was so mangled it looked like it’d been hit by a truck.

The others lasted… longer. Sometimes up to a few months.

I’d help take the bodies out of town, there was a big ole patch of woods no one bothered to roam any more and it was the perfect place to dump them. I’d drive the car, ignoring how the bumps in the road made the body in the back jostle about. I never left the car, only sitting in the front seat and hearing Edward dig the hole.

I turned up the music and pretended it wasn’t happening.

I am one of the most terrible things to exist.

It’s why I’m gonna accept what’s gonna happen the moment I leave this room.

Our newest target was another teenage girl, not from the local high school, she was homeschooled as far as I knew. She came to get a haircut every month, just a trim of her long black hair. It was some of the nicest hair I’d ever cut, healthy, soft, not fucked up by smoke or dyeing it again and again.

Her name was Leslie. And Edward wanted Leslie.

He’d seen us having a chat outside of the salon, I was asking how school was going when my husband’s truck pulled up.

I saw the look in his eye. The basest desires were running through his head and he wanted that pretty girl tied up in the basement.

I turned to Leslie and the words tumbled out before I could stop them.

“Ya know what? I’m getting off work about now, you wanna have dinner with me and my husband? I’m making baked chicken and I always make more than we can eat, just the two of us.”

Leslie’s eyes widened before she smiled.

“I would love to, Susie.”

I felt like crying as I led her into the truck. Edward smiled, introduced himself like a gentleman while Leslie struck up a conversation about the weather. I sat in the back, sinking into the seat and my stomach churning.

I couldn’t eat the dinner I’d made. Leslie never suspected a thing. She was such a sweet, sweet girl. I finally had to leave the room, I couldn’t keep up the facade any longer. I slipped to the bedroom and cried.

I loved that sweet girl. She didn’t deserve what was going to happen in the basement.

I heard her feminine screech that was cut off a second too soon. A body hit the floor. The tell tale squawk of the basement door. The fifth and final steps squeaking as someone walked down them. Silence. Then the steps squeaked, the door squawked, and Edward walked into the room.

“How would you like a baby, Susie?”

I felt bile rise up my throat. I looked at Edward. “What… what do you mean?” I asked.

“I’ll make sure Leslie gives you a baby.” He came forward and rested one of his large hands on my stomach. “Maybe you can’t give us one, but Leslie will.”

I bit my tongue, I’d gone to the doctors many times. I knew I wasn’t the one who was at fault for being unable to conceive. But I smiled. “If Leslie… gives us a baby, then I’d like that. I’d like that a lot,” I whispered.

Edward grinned wickedly before sauntering back to the basement. The door slammed shut.

I fell back on the bed. I wanted to plug my ears, but couldn’t make myself do so. I heard the muffled sounds of Edward and Leslie talking. Then Leslie pleading.

Then Edward screamed.

I got up in a hurry, heading to the basement. I’d never heard my husband scream, especially not like that, so high pitched and terrified.

I tried to avoid the basement, with the metal table and the tools hanging off the wall. The table was bare though, the leather bonds ripped clean off. I looked at the wall and saw my husband nailed to the wall.

The straps still hung off Leslie’s wrists, although she looked different. Her once dark brown eyes were now a sharp, soulless blue, and her feet weren’t touching the ground, the only reason she could reach Edward’s hands stretched over his head. She was holding a hammer and blood was flowing down his arms.

“Please… please don’t…” Edward babbled, the front of his jeans growing wet. Leslie wrinkled her nose and made a disgusted sound.

“Now you pray for mercy. You ignored my pleas, my begs, calling me a bitch and a scared little girl… at least I didn’t fucking pee myself like a little kid.” She ran the hammer down the side of his face. “I’m going to enjoy filling your body with nails and skinning you alive. And when daddy gets here, he’s going to have fun with your wife.”

At this moment, her head snapped to look up at me, her lips pulled in a disturbing grin.

I screamed and fled upstairs.

My husband stopped screaming about an hour ago, although I occasionally hear moans. I don’t know if that’s him. But it doesn’t matter.

I know Leslie’s father is pacing outside the door. He sounds like a fucking giant. I don’t know what he expects me to do, but I know fighting whatever he is isn’t going to go in my favor.

I think the hardest part is going to be opening that door. I deserve what’s on the other side of it, but I’m so scared.

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