Family Reunion

Eliza’s poisonous glare focused on the older brother, remaining ominously quiet for several seconds. Then she nodded. “Thank you for realizing how your behavior was unacceptable. Come here,” She said, motioning him to the corner.

With a nervous swallow, Clement placed his hand on the counter. “Brandon, go see mom about chores,” He said. The little boy didn’t need to be told twice, he bolted out of the room with a terrified wail.

“For your mistake, just one knuckle,” Eliza pulled something from her waist and too late Holly recognized it as a knife. And that Clement was already missing the tip of his right index finger.

A flash of silver turned ruby red as Clement bit so hard on his lip it also sprouted red. The servant didn’t even cry out, although tears did bead at the corners of his eyes.

The crying came from Holly, who screamed as she stared at the piece of finger on the counter, shortening Clement’s index finger by another length.

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