The Cure

You could say that I had a rough life.

My mom died. My dad was alcoholic and whacked me around. The boyfriend I had in highschool promised me the moon until he got me pregnant. Then those promises were quickly forgotten. I had to drop out. Became a waitress. Waited tables all day to come home at night to a cold one bedroom apartment. It was just me and Jessie. Life was dull and gray. Any dates mysteriously became busy once they realized I had a kid. Bills piled up. Nothing felt good anymore.  

Then Paul came into my life.

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Cracked Eggs

“Daddy! Daddy look! I found another one!”

Lisa ran up to me, holding the white and pink printed egg. I laughed and held the basket forward. “Good job, pumpkin! That makes how many now?”

For a few seconds, Lisa counted up each one before she straightened herself and beamed.

“Six! I found six!”

“That’s right! That’s my smart girl!”

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Christmas Cookies

Oh man, I love my momma’s cookies.

Peanut butter cookies. Chocolate chip. Even oatmeal raisin. Whenever my mom made cookies, she always made them the best. But there was one place where she went from great to godlike when it came to cookies.

Christmas Cookies.

She’d gotten the recipe from her mom, who I’m guessing got it from her mom. The recipe was a carefully protected secret, momma said she’d never written it down, she’d simply been taught by Grandma and had it locked in her memory. I was her oldest son, so when the time came, she’d teach me how.

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I didn’t go into my twelve year old daughter’s browsing history with the intent to snoop. I know as her father I need to respect her privacy and even though lately she’d seemed distant, I needed to respect that.

I was just trying to switch the Chrome profiles from ‘Kids to ‘Dad’ when I saw there was a new profile there. Normally Blanche remembers to switch for me, I don’t bother with all that. I figured it was a mistake and clicked onto the new profile with the name ‘Lexa’. I’d just delete it and go about my life.

But then I realized this was not just some sort of weird virus or glitch that created a new profile. This was something made with the intent to surf the web without me knowing where they’d gone.

So. I decided to check her favorites.

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My father was in a car accident two and a half years ago and he’s never been the same since.

It was awful. For six months he was in a coma, and when he woke up, there was nothing left inside. He couldn’t talk. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t even shit by himself. It was a living nightmare to see my once loving, passionate father turned into a stranger.

My twin sister Ruby and I set up our schedules to make it work. I’m a trained nurse, I can handle the more medical side of thing, and when I’m gone Ruby will step in and keep it together.

My mother never even entered the room he stayed in.

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The Cat Lady

I used to have three beautiful cats. Chloe, Jewel, and Mercy. My sweet girls. I had the perfect family. A husband Greg, my son Dylan, and of course the cats. Jewel was the snitch. Always pacing around the table, warbling for whatever we had. She had developed a taste for green beans. Mercy was the prim lady. Always cleaning herself. Always sitting on the bookshelves. And always found where I hid the cat treats.

Chloe was my favorite though. Whenever my lap was available, she was sitting there. At night she’d sleep at the foot of the bed. In the morning, she’d wake me by kneading my chest. Greg would laugh and say she was just making sure my heart hadn’t stopped. Her version of kitty CPR.

Greg and I were considering getting just one more when the accident happened. Greg was on the way to the clinic with the cats to update their vaccinations, and… well, I’m almost thankful that my babies didn’t suffer.

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Can Someone Help Get This Tick Off Me?

Ugh. I gotta go to the internet for this one guys. I’m out of ideas and I don’t have the money for a doctor’s visit, so I have to find help elsewhere.

I live in a really wooded part of Michigan, and most years the ticks are a nuisance but not much more. If I’m negligent on putting the tick collar on Lucy she’ll usually get one or two behind the ears, and if I walk through the brush I usually find one on my jeans. Rarely do they actually get their nasty lil heads buried into my skin.

There’s always those years though. The ones with the mild winters, no real deep freeze. Those are the years I dread. Because those are the years the ticks come out in full force. Like little invaders, they swarm anything with a pulse, latching on and not letting go unless they get their fill.

And yup. I got one of those fuckers on me last night.

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TW: Rape, Serious Gore

Doing something like this for her son was not typically what Brenda would do. But god, Chris was her only child, and she wanted to do something about his twentieth birthday. Something to help him. Make him feel better. Make him feel like a man.

So she got Miss Audrey Scarlet on the phone and made a time for her to come over.

She arrived right on time, just as the sun was going down. Miss Audrey was just as gorgeous as she sounded on the phone- swaying hips, legs as long as the day, a pearly white smile, and heavily lidded amber eyes. A dream in a woman, and she could be bought with a price.

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The Seven Angels

Blanca Leon. Tracy Russell. Jean McLaughlin.  

Seven girls went missing three years ago on the December 12.  

Gabriela Brown. Alice McGrail. June Larsen. Claudia Inman.  

The only thing these girls had in common were that they were all thirteen and that they all lived in the same town. Race, interests, grades, social status, nothing else matched up. Blanca and Tracy were close friends, as well as Gabriela and June, but the others didn’t know each other.  

Claudia was my little sister.

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