Blood On Set

Being an actor isn’t easy. I’d like to act full time but right now working the night shift at my local Wal-Mart is what pays… part of the bills. I got three roommates to afford my apartment, we all bond on the impossible dream of catching our big break in the MCU.  

Frankly I was through the moon when I finally got called back to do some work as one of the main characters in an indie film. Up until then, all my ‘acting’ skill was as an extra or a dead body and I was dying to actually show what I could do, you know? I wasn’t gonna get paid well but this could’ve been a stepping stone to greater things.  

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Little Dead Nancy

Little Dead Nancy,  

Sitting on the bench,

One eye long,

and one eye gone,

Little Dead Nancy,

The red swing’s open,  

come take a seat,

and swing with me!’

I almost completed the summoning of Nancy back when I was a kid. I was somewhere in the second grade, I’d just moved to this new school. Long story short, parents divorced, mom got custody, and now instead of playing with my friends I was surrounded by strangers.  

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Mr. O’Brien’s Party Place

I just wanted to start saving money for college. I didn’t sign on to deal with the rest of this bullshit.

I applied for practically everything in my area, but the thing is, so did all the other kids that graduated from my class. And luck of the draw, I didn’t get hired at McDonald’s, KFC or Panda Express. 

I got hired at fucking Mr. O’Brien’s Party Place.

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I’m Never Shooting Another Snuff Film

You don’t start out shooting snuff. You build up to it. To be honest, I never thought I’d let it get that far. And I wish I never did.  

I started out wanting to be a legit film maker. But that’s a hard business to break into when you don’t know the right people. Living on your own is expensive, and it gets humiliating to ask your parents for help covering your rent after the second time. My mom was always more than happy to help, but it wasn’t like my parents were loaded, and I hated being a leech.

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Pieces and Parts

My ‘father’ calls me Miranda, but I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. But you can just call me that too, I guess.

The only thing I know for sure is that three weeks ago, I died. And two weeks ago, I came back in my father’s basement.

It was dark, I was cold. I couldn’t move my right arm or leg. I tried getting up off the table I was laying on but I ended up just face planting on the floor. Despite the feel of blood trickling from my nose it didn’t hurt.  

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They’ve Taken Our Tongues

I knew something was wrong when Greg came home and didn’t even so much as give me a kiss before he ran into our bathroom.

Obviously the first thing I did was run after him, knocking on the door after finding it was locked. “Is something wrong, dear? Are you sick? I thought you’d be out fishing for a few more hours,” I asked.  

Greg’s response made something inside my skin crawl. “Everything’s all right, lovely!” I heard his voice respond in a tone far too chipper than the look of sheer panic I saw on his face when he sped past me. “What’s for dinner tonight?”  

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Midnight Buskers

“All right, ladies and gents, three rules for tonight!”  

Adam clapped his hands together, snapping me awake from my position in the front seat. I’d not even meant to fall asleep, I’d just been on my feet all day and I wasn’t really up for being out this late. But this was apparently a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and I’d not had a chance to hang with Adam outside of cyberspace for months. So I let myself be dragged along as long as I didn’t have to drive. I didn’t have the gas money.

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