Missing Children and Brown Headed Cowbirds

It was absolutely hell on fucking earth.

Bobby was first. Lil Bobby, not even six months old but I had never watched a baby who smiled more. Stolen right out of his crib during the night, mom came in to feed him and the crib was empty. Cops were called, the estranged father taken in for questioning. Meanwhile everyone looked the other way- we live in that kind of town, where unwed mothers on welfare aren’t cared about and a fatherless child not spoken of except over a glass of wine and hushed whispers.

It was when the Hukk twins disappeared two days later when things really started to get crazy.

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I have heterochromia.

My mom has it too, only hers is sectoral heterochromia. A part of her left eye is brown while most of it is blue. Mine’s complete. My right eye is brown, the left is blue. As a kid I’d get the most excited reaction out of the adults-

“His eyes are so beautiful!”

“Wow, they’re different colors!”

“How stunning!”

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The Miracle of Life

“Daddy! The robins laid an egg!”

I chuckled as my daughter ran inside beaming from ear to ear. “Is that so?” I said as I lowered my book.

Amber nodded, her pigtails bouncing about. “Two eggs! They’re so small and pretty! Do you think they’ll hatch soon?” She asked.

I reached forward and ruffled her hair. “Probably, but you’ll have to be patient. You wouldn’t want the baby in the egg to come out too early, right?”

“Nope!” She shook her head, the pigtails now smacking her face. “I’ll be patient, Daddy! I hope there will be babies soon though- I wanna see the baby birds!”

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Meteor Shower

I can appreciate a good meteor shower. I mean, who can’t? It’s pretty. I’m not obsessed with them though, not like my dad. I remember being a little kid and being woken up at like two AM so he could carry my tiny butt to the car and drive us to the best place to view it. Sometimes he packed me in the car at like seven PM so we could get to the best place by the time it started.

I remember falling asleep a lot during class because of all that.

This weekend I decided, hey, I miss my dad. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks. And I’m already going to be spending the holidays with my husband’s family. So what the hell, let’s go see Dad.

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Lost at Sea


Lucy, you’re gonna be so mad when we’re back, but maybe knowing I’m keeping this daily just for you will make it all better.

Alex was right, I’m actually a natural sailor. Luke’s already ate shit on the deck twice, his face is all banged up because he doesn’t have his sea legs. Better than poor Jake already though. He’s been barfing below deck this whole time. Fucking gross.

But oh man, once the heat dies down at home, we’ll be back, and we’re gonna be so rich. It’ll all be worth it babe. All worth it.

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Kristy’s Exorcism

Kristy was possessed by a demon.  

As her father, it was soul shattering to realize. She was my only child, the light of my life. Her mother and I loved her dearly. She was the perfect daughter. She sung in the choir, she sat at the front row in Sunday school and always wanted the pews closest to the priest so she could hear him.  

She was one of God’s children and she was happy.  

When she turned fourteen, that’s when the Devil got her.  

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The alarm clock dragged Clarence out of bed this time. Not the sound of angry people screaming at his front door, calling for his blood. Calling him a monster. A child murderer.

It was a peace he knew wouldn’t last long.

Coffee. First his coffee. He stumbled out of bed, cracked his back, passed gas, and went to the kitchen.

Turn the coffee pot on. Sit at the table. Pick at his nails.

Clarence yawned and turned on the news, the small TV on the counter flickering on.

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Just Business

Honestly, I’m so freaked the fuck out to be even talking about this. I’m scared he’s going to come back. But I can’t shut up about it. My dad might be able to accept this as what it is, but I refuse, given what’s going to happen to me no matter what I do.

I work at my dad’s diner on a busy stretch of road. However, since my grandfather’s death, and with him the loss of the secret recipe for his famous meatloaf, business has taken a nose dive. Funeral costs had my dad considering bankruptcy, much to my gran’s horror. She and granddad build this place up from the foundation. People would pass by and come in from everywhere, and everyone, no matter what you looked like or who you were holding hands with, was welcome.

It was Wednesday when the black cars pulled up to the diner.

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I Took a Walk for Seven Years

It was August 9, 2009. I was thirty eight years old. My oldest daughter Avis was twelve, and the younger pair, Joanne and John, were nine year old twins. I’d been married for fifteen years. I worked at an insurance firm. And every Sunday, while my wife and Avis went to church and the twins went to my mother’s house, I took a walk.

It was a clockwork sort of arrangement. My wife knew never to push me into going with her, I was an atheist and set on staying that way.

Of course, given what’s happened, my views have changed.

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Indie Film

The town I grew up in had a total of three attractions: the bar, church, and the movie theater.

When you’re twelve years old, you’re too young to drink and the last place you want to be is church on those wooden pews that make your butt ache. So every dime I found inbetween the couch cushions, every dollar I got for allowance, they went into the ‘movie theater fund’. The ‘fund’ was just a giant glass jar on my desk, but it was the best I had.

Unfortunately I had something my friends didn’t.

Strict parents.

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