Doctor’s Notes

I cannot share all the details of what happened on March 3rd, 2018. As a doctor I’m not allowed to share certain private details, so names have been changed and I do not mention what hospital I worked at at the time. There has to be some sort of logical explanation as to what happened.  

So far, I haven’t come up with any. Here are my notes I took that night. Three people are dead because of that woman’s presence. And I need to find a reason why so I can continue going on with life. Everything has to have a rational reason. Or so I thought.

6:29 PM  

Jane Doe was brought in about ten minutes prior. Age is somewhere in her early twenties. She would be quite tall when standing, almost six foot two. She’s African American with two mirror injuries between her shoulder blades. The skin has been taken clean off and seems to be done expertly, I believe someone may have been trying to skin her, possibly to hide an identifying mark like a tattoo.

Jane Doe was found walking naked down a street in a daze. She was found by two young women who took her immediately to the emergency room. By the time they reached it Jane was unconscious and unresponsive. I hold high hopes for her recovery as other than the injuries on her back, she seems to be perfectly healthy.  

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Rainy Day

I was seriously going to start a revolution against the weather if we had another day of storms. First day, it was fine, I got a lot of housework done. Second day, it was still pretty cool, I finished up that article and sent it off to the magazine. Third day it was starting to get old, but we had some good thunder that shook the windows. That was cool.

Fourth day though. That’s what’s breaking me.

I groaned as I leaned back on my chair, trying to glean some inspiration from the ceiling. Like always, it had none. I looked out on the street, watching the water rush down the sides of the road, flooding the sidewalks and my front lawn. It was going to be a bitch to mow that later.

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My Ancestor’s Journal

I found this journal among some things in granddad’s attic. As far as I can tell it belonged to some old relative of ours but I’m not sure what I make of it? Maybe one of you guys can give me some help here. Maybe this is some sort of fiction the guy wrote while bored, I can’t imagine running a farm was that entertaining. But at the same time, I really don’t know. Some of the book’s illegible but I’ve inscribed what I can down below.

_ _ _

June 12

Another storm tonight. Real bad one too. Think lightning touched down a few times in the pasture. I’m gonna have to go out tomorrow to make sure nothing’s damaged. Today was good though. Productive. Think Rose is going to have that calf soon- she’s getting bigger by the day.

Alva’s talking about going to Sara’s grave again. I don’t know if me or the boys will have time. She might have to walk there herself. And I wouldn’t say it to her but I miss Sara too. Almost too much. It’s better I stay home.

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School Days

It was never easy telling someone their ‘perfect little angel’ was a bit of a monster. Especially when said ‘angel’ was likely this way due to improper parenting.

I knew this would be the case the moment I brought up Rachel’s behavioral issues to her mother, Eliza Jane.

Eliza was the daughter of a wealthy recluse, their family had been involved in medical business for apparently the last century. They owned several hospitals and even helped design some of the newest state of the art equipment. Things that could create the absolute smallest incisions with no scarring.

But with wealth can come pride. Entitlement.

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Lover Boy

TW: Sexual Assault

You could insinuate I’m a bit of a womanizer.

My sister (affectionately) calls me a man whore but that doesn’t bother me. I come from a reasonably wealthy background and from the cradle my mother teasingly called me a flirt whenever she passed me around her friends.

Rest in peace mom. You always knew me best.

I’m not gonna lie and say I’m anything but good looking. I have a lot going for me in appearance. My eyes have been compared to sapphires. I take good care of my body, in what I do with it and what I put inside it. I’m practically a god.

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Wedding Bells

Let me start off this plea for help with that I don’t deserve it. What’s going to happen to me soon I absolutely asked for, but god, someone please save me.

I’m a perv. I hack into girl’s computers and watch them in their houses from their webcams, or even better, their rooms. Catch them doing yoga, undressing, it’s truly my lucky day when I can catch them masturbating. Once I even caught this lesbian couple, but they didn’t do anything fun- just tickled each other and planned their honeymoon. So. Boring.

It’s a victimless crime. I get my rocks off or enjoy your conversations, and the people never even know I was there.

But I peaked into the wrong cam.

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Puppy Love

Growing up, I always had everything I wanted. The prettiest clothes. The nicest dolls. The greatest toys. Servants who fulfilled my ever need. Every weekend I had a party where I was the princess, and danced in our great ballroom while sipping ‘champagne’, which was really just sparkling apple juice.

But I didn’t have one thing, and that was friends.

Papa says that albinism has run in the family for many generations, giving us fair skin, fine hair, and either icy blue or rose pink eyes. I have the rose pink. My hair has always been so thin that I began wearing wigs when I realized why people looked at me differently. I always had nice wigs, of course, but the other kids always stared and kept their distance. Papa said they were jealous of how pretty I was. After a while I learned that was a lie. They thought I was a freak.

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A Beautiful Name

Picking up hitchhikers is dangerous, or so I’ve been told. Women in particular are warned to be cautious of strangers asking for a ride. I am a small lady, no more than five feet tall. I should be more careful. I have more to worry about than myself after all.

But when I saw the shivering couple on the corner, the soft snowflakes landing on their ragged clothes, I could not help myself. I ordered my driver to pull over and opened the door.

“You must be half frozen! Come inside!”

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Charm Potion

Mackenzie, I know you’ll want to delete this email when you get it, but please, please hear me out. I know I fucked up. I’m so sorry. I should’ve listened to you, I should’ve listened to Maura. I’m so sorry what happened to Greg. Please let me explain my side of things.

You know how competitive I get. The talent show was all I wanted to win. I got tunnel vision. Day in and day out I practiced, I worked my butt off, but when I heard that Greg was entering… I knew I didn’t have a chance in hell of winning. Greg has such a pretty voice, and he’s actually, well, good at impressing with it. It takes more than a pretty voice to win, and he had that appeal.

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Energy Potion

Alan: Oh my god I’m dying.

Alan: End me guys. Just take my body and throw it in a hole six feet deep.

Melody: Stop complaining, it’s not that bad.

Bruce: Shut the fuck up and pass me more coffee.

Alan: Coffee. All I consume, all I taste. Is goddamn coffee.

Cleo: I don’t know about you guys IM DOING GREAT 😀

Melody: Oh god I think she found where I hid her Monster.

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