Behind The Door

Hi there, I’m Kitty. Writer of various spooky and disturbing short stories. I’m a twenty three year old writer with a fondness for monsters, demons, and truly terrible humans. I like cats. I have anxiety and three monsters that I deal with on a regular basis

The monster under the bed is a friend to all. He would escort old ladies across the street and hold the door open for anyone behind him, if people didn’t run away screaming from his giant horns and mouth full of spikes. The truth is the Closet Monster is the real jerk. Scrawny prick steals the last cookie out of the jar and leaves like a sip of milk left in the jug and puts it back in the fridge. The worst kind of monster… and the monster that lurks outside your window, staring in with its unblinking red eyes?

Well… we don’t talk about him.

Enjoy your stay <3

  • The Odd Cat Lady

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