Dark Flower – Chapter Three

Chapter Two

“Michael! Michael, shit, get back in here!”

Michael hurried back into the living room after hearing the panic in his brother’s voice. Jon gestured to the TV, which was currently showing the scene of a massacre.  

It started early this morning, when three patients broke out of their rooms and started attacking other patients and doctors. The entire hospital is now under lockdown.”

The camera zoomed in on the entrance to a familiar emergency room and Michael’s heart dropped.

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Dark Flower- Chapter Two

Chapter One

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Your uncle and I are perfectly safe.”  

On the other end of the video chat, Michael’s oldest daughter Sammy twisted her mouth into a frown. “Are you sure about that, dad? News says whatever this virus is, it’s infected a lot more people closer to the east coast,” She said.  

Michael relaxed back in his chair with a sigh. “Yeah, but the cops already rolled out and handled the worst of it, detaining the worst offenders.” Or shot, if push came to shove. “How are you, supergirl? Did your gymnastics performance last night go well?”  

Sammy nodded. “Oh yeah, it was great. If it was allowed I’d totally be able to base a four high, but coach keeps talking about insurance. Course, on the way home mom ran over one of those sick dudes, so-”

“I’m sorry, she did what?”  

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Dark Flower, Chapter One

“Jon? Jon, there’s some guy bitching out front, saying that you need to look at his car. Like right now.”  

All you could see of Jon was his lower half, his legs poking out from underneath the car he was currently working on, and he was not budging either. “Well, either tell him to wait or get Greg to handle it, I’m busy,” he said, his voice muffled.  

The younger mechanic shifted uncomfortably, glancing back to where the impatient customer was waiting. “Greg’s already on his lunch break, and he said it had to be you. He told me to say you owe him for that sandwich at Em’s?” He said.  

“Then tell him to fuck off, I’m in the middle of another job- wait, did you just say sandwich at Em’s?”  

Jon hauled himself out from under the car, his hands and face smeared with grease. He clambered off the ground, cracking his back and grumbling something about being too old to keep getting up and down like that. He walked to the front, where a man in a suit made a dramatic show of looking at his watch. “So, you need me to look at your car? Right now?” He asked.

The man cleared his throat. “Yes, right now. I don’t have time to waste,” he replied rather snappily.  

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