Little Dead Nancy, Part Two

Part One

TW: Mentions of sexual assault.

‘Little Dead Nancy,

Sitting on the bench,

One eye long,

and one eye gone,

Little Dead Nancy,

My friend lies dead,

Come along,

join me,

let’s go see Garth together!’

Doesn’t nearly flow off the tongue nearly so well as the first verse, but it gets the point across.

We waited in the woods for a long time, she and I. It was cold out at night, but it wasn’t colder than we were. It was strange not seeing my breath on every exhale. But I wasn’t bored. We had a lot of time to talk.

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Family Reunion now available for preorder!

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The wedding is over. It’s time for a little family get together.

The Snows are certainly not your average family. But they are loyal to one another, at least. Four stories of Snows, both old and new.

Bluebeard- Nicholas, the only Snow brother who has yet to find his soulmate. But at first you don’t succeed…

Family Reunion- Holly has nothing in common with her prissy cousin, Eliza Jane. Hopefully they can find some common ground when Holly comes to visit for a week.

In Mother’s Closet- There’s something in Bonnie’s closet, and Abraham will make sure it stays a secret.

Brother Dearest- Why was Margaret disowned by the Snows?

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The apocalypse is now.

An unknown disease called the Venera Virus is spreading rapidly through the entire world that guarantees a painful death in the months that follow. People are desperate to find a cure for this mysterious and highly contagious disease but all the hospitals can do for now is help the pain of those infected.

Shiko Nakayama is eight years old and he’ll be turning nine in October. He loves to read books and watch nature shows. 

And he is one of the children who’s contracted the Venera Virus. 


It’s here! It’s done! The Children at The End of the World, I’ve been editing this all through spring and it’ll be officially released on March 22nd, put in your order here!

Christmas Cookies

Oh man, I love my momma’s cookies.

Peanut butter cookies. Chocolate chip. Even oatmeal raisin. Whenever my mom made cookies, she always made them the best. But there was one place where she went from great to godlike when it came to cookies.

Christmas Cookies.

She’d gotten the recipe from her mom, who I’m guessing got it from her mom. The recipe was a carefully protected secret, momma said she’d never written it down, she’d simply been taught by Grandma and had it locked in her memory. I was her oldest son, so when the time came, she’d teach me how.

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