My Books

The legendary forbidden texts… or just what I have published on Amazon at this moment. Hopefully over the next year this collection will grow by one or two more, we’ll have to see 😀

Wedding Bells

Ring the bells, call the priest, Eliza Snow is getting married!

Everyone experiences love in a different way. The Snow Family is a little more passionate about this love. Some say they might even go a little mad. This book tells the story of four different love stories of the Snows.

Wedding Bells: Adam would tell everyone who asked how he met Eliza that they met on the internet. It was the truth, but it wasn’t the whole story. The whole story is much more bizarre.

Lover Boy: Some called Ambrose Snow a womanizer. Those less tasteful called him a manwhore. But he considers himself to be a man who knows what he wants, and nothing stops him from getting it. 

Puppy Love: First love is important to everyone, and the name of Eliza’s first love was a boy named Jacob Boone.

As I Hold My Love Dying: And finally, the story of how Abraham met Emeline, the woman who would be the mother of his children- Ambrose and Eliza.

The Children at the End of the World

The apocalypse is now.

An unknown disease called the Venera Virus is spreading rapidly through the entire world that guarantees a painful death in the months that follow. People are desperate to find a cure for this mysterious and highly contagious disease but all the hospitals can do for now is help the pain of those infected.

Shiko Nakayama is eight years old and he’ll be turning nine in October. He loves to read books and watch nature shows. 

And he is one of the children who’s contracted the Venera Virus.