Youth Potion

> Subject: ‘Husband Is A Cheating B******!!!’

I cannot BELIEVE my husband. We have been married for twenty years. That’s right. Twenty years. Twenty years of me keeping our home clean, taking care of our kids, and planning every anniversary date. I never complained. I was happy with our life, with what we had.

Apparently Robert wasn’t. I come home early because the gym was closed and I find him plowing into this twenty year old blonde hussy on our couch! Our couch! We picked that couch out after we got married! And he was fucking someone else on it!

Well I threw her ass outside, barely gave her enough time to get her clothes on before I turned my rage on my husband. He’s sleeping on the couch tonight. He’s lucky he’s not on the curb with her.

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The Sale Creek Goat Man

Goat Man. Not exactly the most intimidating of names, but it’s a popular urban legend. Creepy ass half goat half men who roam the forests, out to murder your ass with an ax. Just an urban legend though according to most.

However, there was a Goat Man here. Or Goat Men. They’ll probably be long gone by the time I post this, so take what you will from my experience. Anyone who has a rational explanation for what the fuck I saw, you’re welcome to share.

The sightings started up a month or two ago, and I kept an eye on it all. I run a blog on the weird shit in the US. Haunted houses, aliens, and every sort of cryptid that crawls, swims, or flies. If there’s a story, I’ll be chasing it. So of course when I heard there was a legit Goat Man walking the forest, I knew I had to have a camping trip.

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A Second Dose of Love Potion

Journal Entry #1

It’s been so long since I’ve been home.

I can’t leave, not because I don’t want to- I think I’ve had some semblance of control. Some days are clearer than others. Lots of times it’s a haze. A haze of sex, music, and dancing. Other times, times like right now, I’m practically normal… except I’m surrounded by a bunch of satyrs and other girls that got entranced by their songs.

But I’m going to change that.

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Fear Potion

TW: Mentions of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault.

Dear diary,

It’s been six months to the day since I was raped.

I still haven’t gone back to school, I’m doing it all from home. It’s easier so I don’t have to face him. I sometimes miss my friends, but at least there’s Facebook. Not many of them talk to me anymore. There’s a few that do but half of those treat me like I’m… different. I haven’t changed.

That’s a lie. A lot has changed. But I’m still Alex.

And I’ve finally picked up going to the survivor support group.

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Love Potion

Day One

8:24 AM

This is so not worth the hundred bucks I’m getting paid to do this. I hate you Gus. I fucking hate you. Now for the serious part of this ‘scientific’ journal.

My name is Brian Vance. I’m seventeen years old and a junior in high school. I’m a virgin (is this really necessary Gus) and I’ve never been on a date in my life. The closest I got to a date was to asking my eighth grade crush on a date. She said yes, but stood me up. Who’s surprised?

Gus Katsoros is the ‘scientist’ who concocted the ‘Love Potion’. It comes in a cologne and drinkable form, supposedly helps you secrete natural pheromones to attract the opposite sex. I am one of three guys using both the cologne and the drink. I will be using the cologne and drinking one ounce of the Love Potion before I go to school, and at night will be drinking another ounce of the Love Potion before I go to bed. I’ll be doing that, now.

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The Legion Studies, Part Nine (Finale)

I should have known who Emmet was. The demon that possessed Hugo. The demon that has possessed my mother. The demon that clung to these halls, this lab, called back by his previous host and previous host’s daughter.

I should have known. Perhaps if I had, I would’ve been able to stop this before so many people died.

“Hello, Barbie. Hugo.”

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The Legion Studies, Part Eight

TW: Graphic sexual violence, assault. 

We trekked down the dark halls with only the security lights to guide our way. I clutched onto the flashlight but I didn’t turn it on. Not unless I had to. If someone saw that we’d be fucked.

Hugo led the way, whispering prayers under his breath. I used this time to talk to Ernie.

“Ernie, I’ve seen your record, you don’t have a pilot’s license. How do you know how to fly a plane?” I asked.

Ernie chuckled. “Long story. Friend owned a plane, one of those tiny ones. He taught me when he got bored one day. It was fun, I loved it. Flew it all the time before I moved to Illinois. If reincarnation is a thing maybe I’ll be a pilot.”

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The Legion Studies, Part Seven

December 8, 198X

No sign of Father Carter or Scotty, and now there was a dead body on our hands with no trace of who the murderer could be.

I was planning on bailing when the blizzard calmed down. Money or not, this wasn’t worth it. Whether it was the Devil or someone whose inner psychosis had caused them to snap under the pressure, lives were in serious danger.

I talked my plans over with Dr. Leon and Lois over lunch.

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The Legion Studies, Part Six

TW: Mentions of pedophilia, sexual assault. 

December 2, 198X

I never found out the truth about Brandon, if he really did murder his mother to be with a male lover without her judgment. But he didn’t end up leaving the next morning.

The blizzard was so white I couldn’t see anything out of the hanger. If I didn’t know better I’d say nothing existed outside of the lab.

The power outages were terrible now, almost happening hourly and lasting up to fifteen minutes at times. But my interviews were the B-2 group were placed on hold as everyone’s attention was on Chloe.

Whether Chloe’s accusation was remotely accurate, I had no way of telling, but Dr. Lewis was unnaturally thrilled. Every psychologist was present when Chloe’s first interview was conducted.  

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The Legion Studies, Part Five

November 21, 198X

I could not speak after the attack. My neck was covered in dark purple bruises, and any time I did attempt to talk it’d come out as a hoarse whisper.

The attack was ruled as the first proven success of the Legion Studies, probably since I couldn’t protest otherwise. Hugo was adamant I was attacked by a supernatural force and if I hadn’t been wearing the cross I would’ve likely been choked until I lost consciousness or worse. Again. No chance to argue since I couldn’t talk.

Even I couldn’t deny Hugo and I were alone in the hallway when the lights went out though. No one was following us, and I’d heard no one approach us. Many more questions than answers.

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