The Adventures of Garl and Odra Manyboots- A Declined Confession

“So… you see? I’ve never fallen in love with a client before, but you’re different from all the others. I love you Garl. Please… won’t you love me too?”

The deafening silence coming from Gemlyl’s room was all the answer that Besh needed, even if the dwarf was still waiting with baited breath. Besh hadn’t intended on listening in, but she was bringing Gemlyl her new gown from the tailor’s, and had paused when she realized that Gemlyl was with a client.

“Garl? Garl, please say something.”

The gargoyle sighed and Besh winced.

“Fine. I won’t be seeing you again, Gemlyl.”

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The Adventures of Garl and Odra Manyboots – Fit for Kings


The Fit For Kings brothel wasn’t the worst place for a lady or a gentleman to seek employment. In fact, it was likely one of the best places in the city for their kind of work. The beds were clean, Madame Snowbraids took good care of the employees and never judged them by race or sex, and since they were right down the way from the adventurer’s guild, business was booming.

Course. This also meant they got some oddball clients on occasion.

“What is that!?”

Besh immediately regretted what she blurted out as Welogret pinched her hard on the thigh, but who could blame her? Two days of working at of Fit For Kings and now there was what looked like a stone demon up front, chatting with Madame Snowbraids and eyeing the ladies.

Welogret gave her a dirty look. “Be nice, Besh, that’s Garl,” she said.

“What is a Garl?” Besh hissed back to Welogret.

“He’s a gargoyle, a living stone statue. Never seen one of ‘em, ey?” The dwarven woman chuckled as she threw her hair over her shoulder and puffed out her chest. “I met a few back home. They don’t usually come above ground, and Garl’s the only gargoyle adventurer I’ve ever heard about. He’s a regular ‘round here.”

Besh’s jaw dropped as she stared at the gargoyle. “Wha- they- he- they can- he has-”

“Oooooh yeah. Aaaaand…” Welogret gestured for Besh to lean down as she whispered, “he is packingdown there.”

Oh gods. Besh’s jaw dropped. “Is he actually made of rock or is that just what he looks like?” she asked.

“Hard all the way, honey,” Welogret said with a wink.

“How doesn’t he kill the ladies he’s with?”

“Honestly?” Welogret shrugged. “I’ve had worse injuries from a clumsy halfling. He’s pretty careful, usually lets the ladies stay on top, picks the tougher ones that aren’t so breakable. And he even gives good tips after he’s had his fun.”

Tougher ladies… Besh gulped. “So… l-like a half orc?”

“Like a half orc,” Welogret agreed. “Relax. There’s another perk.”

“What perk?!”

Welogret snickered before she whistled. “Hey! Garl!” Besh blanched as Garl turned away from the Madame, but Welogret just winked and blew a kiss. “Stick your tongue out, the new girl wants to see!”

The gargoyle smirked before he stuck out his tongue… his… forked tongue.

Oh… my.

Besh blushed, pulling her fan from her belt to wave at her face. “O-oh… that kind of perk.”

“It’s nice and long too-”


“So, you’re new here?”

How a giant monster made of stone could sneak up on the pair so quietly Besh didn’t know, but there he was, leaning against the wall, a grin still on his face.

Besh was still flushed crimson but she nodded.

“Hmmm.” The gargoyle leaned down, his eyes flicking down to her bosom and back up to her face. “You mind taking me up to your room?” His tongue briefly flicked out to lick his lips and Besh nearly swooned.

“Sure,” Besh smiled sheepishly as she took Garl’s arm and led him up the stairs. “Just, um, be gentle?”

Garl laughed, and Besh really wasn’t sure if that was good or bad for her.