The Legion Studies, Part Four

November 18, 198X

Rex was put in solitary confinement three days after Randy’s murder, despite the alibi Ernie had provided. It was likely for the best. Rex was sullen and prone to angered outbursts after the incident. He refused to answer any questions and when Dr. Thomas asked about Emmet he shoved the table over and told her to go to hell.

She didn’t want to do the interview either, she confided with me.

“I’m not law enforcement or into psychology. I know the mechanics of the brain, not the process, if that makes any sense.” Lois flicked the bangs from her eyes and shook her head as she poured herself another glass. “Rex hates me anyway.”

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The Legion Studies, Part Three

tw: racial slurs

November 15, 198X

The victim was ‘Randy’. I never got the full names of the B-2 group, perhaps to keep it anonymous for the subjects. Randy was a drug addict that had been arrested multiple times for dealing. I’d not liked working with him, but I hadn’t disliked him. I mostly hated his breath, his teeth were rotted out and made me nauseated.

The incident happened sometime between five and six AM. The power had gone out, likely due to the windstorms we’d been getting, and when it came back on one of the doctors stumbled across his body. I heard him shriek and ran to the source, stumbling across the gruesome scene.

Randy’s head had been bashed in, likely someone had grabbed him by the hair and repeatedly slammed him against the wall, judging by the blood smear.

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The Legion Studies, Part Two

November 6, 198X

I lived in Building C, underground with the rest of the people involved in coordinating and conducting the Legion Study. Daily, for up to the middle of November, more planes would fly in and people would disembark. It became very clear that this experiment was much more than a passing fancy of the US government.

Scientists. Doctors of the mind and body. Experts in religion and religious studies.

However, we only had one priest that was signed onto the project… and only one person who claimed to have been possessed in the past.

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The Legion Studies, Part One

September 16, 198X

New York

“Dr. Barbara Moore?”

I took off my reading glasses to look up at the man who had entered my office.

He was insignificant in stature, gaunt and with a reedy tone of voice. His thick rimmed glasses sat a bit too far down his nose but his watch was worth more salary than I made in a month. He smiled.

“I have… an opportunity for a professor of psychology, like yourself. I think you’ll want to listen.”

That’s when I first met Dr. Herb Lewis and learned of the Legion Studies.

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The Horse Corral

Welcome to the Horse Corral! We hope you’re here to have a good time! The horses at Camp Golden Oak are gentle creatures who love to be fed carrots and to have fun. Just remember to follow the rules below and we’ll all have a great and safe time!

1- Horses are living creatures who deserve our respect. They are not toys. You are not to hit, shout at, or kick the horses. If you are caught abusing one of our horses, you will be sent back to your cabin for the rest of the day’s activities and will be strictly reprimanded. If you are caught twice, you will be sent home.

2- There is no room to fool around in the stables or the corral. Horseplay is reserved for the horses. Rough housing could lead to someone getting hurt, and we don’t want that to happen.

3- If you want to help out with care of the horses, be sure to ask the Stablemaster, Ms. Grace Triggs. She always can appreciate a gentle hand!

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Notes Passed at Camp Golden Oak

I’m so bored. – Sarah

If the Chef catches us passing notes during morning announcements again, we’re gonna get in a lot of trouble. – Marie

He won’t get us in trouble! He’ll just glare before taking them again. You excited for riding horses today? – Sarah

Not really. That creepy Palomino keeps following me. It’s scary. – Marie

Just ignore him! He’s just a wild horse. He’ll wander off when he gets bored. I call dibs on Onyx. – Sarah

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Leech Advisory

Greetings, campers of Camp Golden Oak! I hope you’re having the time of your life this summer!

Now, we’ve had some heavy rain lately, I hope you’ve had fun with your extra time in the arts and craft room and are ready to go out and have fun! This week’s activities will include more nature hikes through the woods and seeing who will be the first camper to climb to the top of the rock wall this summer!

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Rules for Camp Golden Oak

At Camp Golden Oak, we want you all to have the best experience you can. Just follow the few rules below to help keep everyone safe and having fun!

1. Always listen to your counselor. For this week, they’re your teacher, your leader, and most importantly, your friend. Don’t be afraid to come to them for help. They are there to listen.

2. Be kind to your fellow campers and never be afraid to make new friends. But be respectful, remember the Golden rule!

3. When on a nature hike, don’t wander off the trail, even if you see something that catches your eye. No one wants to be a Lost Camper!

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Return From Hell

Personal Notes of V. Torres.


I have been assigned to the case involving the abduction of Ester Andrews. Ester was a thirty six year old white female who went missing after several suspicious messages to her online writing group. Ending message told them that it was her husband pranking her and that she’d return soon. Her estranged husband Drew Shaw has a history of violence and marital disputes were common between the two of them.

My current theory is that Shaw has kidnapped his wife and forced her to write messages to make it seem everything was fine. We’re in the process of tracking him down at this moment, he was recently employed to a garage in Chicago. Perhaps a bit of a drive, but on record he has threatened his wife with physical violence. Likely he finally decided to exact his revenge.

Going to attempt to question the other members of the writing group over the next few weeks. The only one we’ve confirmed the identity of is Rebecca Clemons, ‘Becca_Bae93’.

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Message From Hell

AmiableJinx Has Signed On

AmiableJinx: …

AmiableJinx: So Ester? I got a book published. It’s doing pretty good, actually. Maybe one day it’ll become a movie.

AmiableJinx: It’s been about three years. Since you went missing. Your ex husband’s still going down for it because of the mountain of evidence against him, the post on your blog, the blow out fights you had… and they’ve stopped looking for you.

AmiableJinx: I know the truth though. I can’t forget it. I have nightmares. I miss you so much. I really do.

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