The Legion Studies, Part Four

November 18, 198X

Rex was put in solitary confinement three days after Randy’s murder, despite the alibi Ernie had provided. It was likely for the best. Rex was sullen and prone to angered outbursts after the incident. He refused to answer any questions and when Dr. Thomas asked about Emmet he shoved the table over and told her to go to hell.

She didn’t want to do the interview either, she confided with me.

“I’m not law enforcement or into psychology. I know the mechanics of the brain, not the process, if that makes any sense.” Lois flicked the bangs from her eyes and shook her head as she poured herself another glass. “Rex hates me anyway.”

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The Legion Studies, Part Three

tw: racial slurs

November 15, 198X

The victim was ‘Randy’. I never got the full names of the B-2 group, perhaps to keep it anonymous for the subjects. Randy was a drug addict that had been arrested multiple times for dealing. I’d not liked working with him, but I hadn’t disliked him. I mostly hated his breath, his teeth were rotted out and made me nauseated.

The incident happened sometime between five and six AM. The power had gone out, likely due to the windstorms we’d been getting, and when it came back on one of the doctors stumbled across his body. I heard him shriek and ran to the source, stumbling across the gruesome scene.

Randy’s head had been bashed in, likely someone had grabbed him by the hair and repeatedly slammed him against the wall, judging by the blood smear.

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The Legion Studies, Part Two

November 6, 198X

I lived in Building C, underground with the rest of the people involved in coordinating and conducting the Legion Study. Daily, for up to the middle of November, more planes would fly in and people would disembark. It became very clear that this experiment was much more than a passing fancy of the US government.

Scientists. Doctors of the mind and body. Experts in religion and religious studies.

However, we only had one priest that was signed onto the project… and only one person who claimed to have been possessed in the past.

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The Legion Studies, Part One

September 16, 198X

New York

“Dr. Barbara Moore?”

I took off my reading glasses to look up at the man who had entered my office.

He was insignificant in stature, gaunt and with a reedy tone of voice. His thick rimmed glasses sat a bit too far down his nose but his watch was worth more salary than I made in a month. He smiled.

“I have… an opportunity for a professor of psychology, like yourself. I think you’ll want to listen.”

That’s when I first met Dr. Herb Lewis and learned of the Legion Studies.

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The reason this bullshit is happening to me is because I tried to to do a nice thing. That’s all there is to it.

Emma was the daughter of one of my mom’s friends. We knew each other as kids but our friendship was mostly we were forced to play with each other because her mom was over or my mom was visiting her and I got dragged along. After middle school, when I could finally watch myself, we didn’t even try to keep in contact.

But now there’s this brilliant thing called Facebook, where you can reconnect with anyone from your life, from your second grade teacher to that girl you used to play together with as kids. Or you can stalk their page to see how much better their life is than yours.

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Bridget’s Diary

TW: Mentions of Sexual Assault


I’m going to go to a party tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’m doing this! I know parties are places of temptation, but my friends are all going and I just can’t help myself. They’re all purity club members, we’ll keep each other on the straight and narrow. I’m so excited, and at the same time I want to throw up because I’m so nervous. My parents obviously don’t know I’m going, I told them I’m staying at my friend Holly’s tomorrow night. I will be, kinda, just… after the party.

I will seriously throw up. This is so exciting. I just have to remember that I’m a fine china tea cup, not Styrofoam and disposable. I’m not easy, and I will remain pure until Jesus chooses my soulmate. ♥

For now though… I have to figure out what I’m going to wear!

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The Devil’s Wives, Part Three

Gray walls, gray floors, gray food.

Mashed potatoes were not supposed to be gray.

Veronica swallowed her vitamins and poked at the wilted peas with her fork. “No wonder we’re having so many pills shoved down our throats. There’s nothingnutritional in these meals.”

She had been so petite before, no more than five feet tall and probably under a hundred pounds. Now she was visibly along in her pregnancy and exhausted. Part lack of makeup and part being trapped as a piece of flesh that scientists poked at for the last several months had drained her, and everyone else.

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The Devil’s Wives, Part Two

“So, according to her mother, you were alerted first to Bridget’s pregnancy?”

I had gone into the staff room for coffee and Principal Dudley cornered me in here with a blank face. Being ‘let go’ was looking quite likely at the moment. I was careful to keep my voice level. “Not in the office, I was off hours,” I responded. My only defense.

“Good. I’ll use that as your excuse not to get you in trouble.” Dudley poured himself a cup of the coffee before dumping enough sugar in the cup to turn it into a syrup. He took a sip and seemed content with the sugary mixture. “… Off the record, I would’ve done the same.”

I sighed with relief. “Thank you, sir.” He might’ve been a stickler for the rules, but at least Dudley wasn’t an ass like so many of the other bureaucrats that thought they knew how the education system for teenagers was supposed to work.

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Rules for Camp Golden Oak

At Camp Golden Oak, we want you all to have the best experience you can. Just follow the few rules below to help keep everyone safe and having fun!

1. Always listen to your counselor. For this week, they’re your teacher, your leader, and most importantly, your friend. Don’t be afraid to come to them for help. They are there to listen.

2. Be kind to your fellow campers and never be afraid to make new friends. But be respectful, remember the Golden rule!

3. When on a nature hike, don’t wander off the trail, even if you see something that catches your eye. No one wants to be a Lost Camper!

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