The Library

Mini series, stories, and exclusive works. This may be a WIP for a few weeks while I move all my works from my tumblr/reddit to the library, but hang tight, I’ll get there <3

Hit From Hell

Hit From Hell– A member of an internet writing group gets a hit from a source none of them can explain.

Message From Hell– Ester has rejoined the chat.

Return From Hell– A detective’s notes on the disappearance of a woman named Ester.

Camp Golden Oak

Rules for Camp Golden Oak- Rules exist to make sure everyone is happy and safe. This camp’s rules are rather… peculiar.

Leech Advisory– Be sure to watch out for leeches this year!

Notes Passed At Camp Golden Oak– The notes passed between two campers.

The Horse Corral– Welcome to the horse corral at Camp Golden Oak.

The Devil’s Wives

An unexplained pregnancy epidemic at a school takes a dark turn.




Bridget’s Diary– The wife of the Devil that everyone forgot.

Surrogacy– No good deed goes unpunished, particularly for this surrogate.

The Legion Studies

An experiment damned from the start, told from one of the only survivors, Dr. Barbara Moore.










The Potion Series

Love Potion– Let’s just say the trial run hasn’t gone well.

Fear Potion– An attempt to regain lost esteem and self worth may have unusual side effects.

A Second Dose of Love Potion– Someone has to try and fix Gus’ mistake.

Sale Creek Goat Man– Let’s go cryptid hunting!

Youth Potion– Everyone likes the idea of turning back the clock, but no one likes paying the price.

Diet Potion– Gus is really not the sort of person to look for help from… especially with a problem regarding body image.

Strength Potion– Life’s not a video game, you can’t simply drink a potion and gain super strength to combat your enemies.

Energy Potion– Sleep is the enemy when finals roll around.

Charm Potion– This time, Gus’ potion may have directly caused someone’s death.

The Snow Family

A Beautiful Name– It can be fun choosing a name for your child.

Puppy Love– There really is nothing like the first time you fall in love.

Wedding Bells– Someone peeped through the wrong webcam.

Lover Boy– A competition to win a girl’s love.

School Days– Eliza always wants what’s best for her children, and they should always get their way.

Angel Wings

My Ancestor’s Journal– A mysterious man appears at this farm before everything goes to hell.

Rainy Day– Don’t be scared of the thunder, that’s just the God bowling with the angels.

Doctor’s Notes– Jane Doe came to the hospital at 6:19 PM. By the time she left, three people had died.

As Told By Mr. Creeps

My Brother Benjamin– Benjamin stinks and eats mice.

Stand Alone Stories

A Story About Blue Eyes– The worst sensation is having a word caught at the tip of your tongue.

The Answer to Everything– Students have finally found the answer to their innermost deepest thoughts.

A Work of Art– A broke actor picks up modeling.

Alma’s Family– Something sinister is happening to one of this teacher’s students.

Autopsy Report– The strangest things turn up in dead bodies. These seem to take a step farther.

Baby Teeth– A not so welcome new addition to the family.

Bad Trip– Maybe you shouldn’t take a smoke from a brand you’re unfamiliar with…

Becoming a Man– This is how you become a man in Christian’s family.

The Best Day of a Girl’s Life– And they all lived happily ever after.

Best Friends Forever– What does forever mean?

The Best Prey– All she wanted to do was make her daddy proud.

Biter– Some kids can be a hell of a handful.

Blood Donation– It’s amazing what the blood banks can miss with donated blood.

Brother For Sale– Little siblings can be such pests.

Callgirl– The perfect woman.

Can Someone Help Get This Tick Off Me?– The most vile of bugs seems stubborn to stay on its host.

The Cat Lady– It’s not a good idea to feed strays.

Channel– Her father has become a link between the living and the dead.

Chatroom– Do you know who your children are talking to on the internet?

Christmas Cookies– Nothing is better than Momma’s Christmas Cookies.

Cracked Eggs– Happy Easter!

Crimson Wings– A camping trip you’ll want to forget.

The Cure– When the one you love is dying, you will do anything to help save them.

Daddy’s Little Girl – It’s her first date.

The Dance– A party in the woods can never end well.

The Dangers of Tattoos– Careful where you decide to get inked.

Dig– The neighborhood boys decide to do the impossible for their summer fun- dig to the center of the earth.

Do The Right Thing– A robbery that should’ve been simple has gone terribly wrong.

The Deal– A prostitute was witness to a meeting between a man and The Devil.

Eating Out– Sometimes things unexpected can happen during times of intimacy.

The Edge of the Universe– The last words of a criminal about to go into a black hole.

Fairytale Wedding– A wedding gone not unlike how a true fairytale would go.

False Pregnancy– Sometimes all a woman wants is to be a mother.

Family– How quickly can something be lost in a few seconds.

Family Reunion– No one understands you better than family.

Ferrymen to the Afterlife– The end of the world has come and gone.

The Fire That Won’t Go Out– No amount of effort can stop this blaze

Flyaway Colony– A child goes and explores the grounds belonging to a cult.

Follower Count– For some people, their lives revolve on seeing the number of subscribers or followers go up.

Granny– Evil exists in the heart of this elderly woman.

Growth– Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

The Grunp– There’s a monster at grandma’s house.

Guardian Angel– The most unlikely of saviors.

The Guardians– Someone’s always watching you.

Hades and Persephone– A demented stalker’s take on the ancient myth.

Hair– Some people can learn how to live with their compulsions, even grow past it. For others, however…

Harvest– This woman has no shame about what she does for a living.

Hatchling– A school project goes very, very awry.

Hickey– Chris finds himself unexpectedly tied down after a one night stand leaves something behind.

Hide and Seek– A fun game between a girl and her mother.

Housebreaking– Housebreaking a puppy can be quite a challenge, and Sadie is no exception.

How I Met My Girlfriend– How did you meet your true love?

Hush Little Baby– Don’t say a word, mommy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird…

I Don’t Want to be a Mermaid Anymore– Not everything can live up to a child’s hopes and dreams.

I’m Addicted to Eating Bugs– There are worse addictions, I suppose.

I See Pictures – First horror I wrote for a Sixpenceee contest. A man receives disturbing pictures of his missing girlfriend.

Indie Film– Curtis’ father was very strict about how he saw entertainment… until he went to go see a film by a student from their hometown.

I Took a Walk for Seven Years– Time is an incredibly strange thing. Sometimes it drags on, and other times, it passes by in the blink of an eye.

Just Business– It’s nothing personal.

Kidnapper– Spoiler Alert: He did take those children.

Kristy’s Exorcism– A father’s worst nightmare comes true when his daughter is possessed by demons.

Lost at Sea– A journal from a man who never returned home.

Meteor Shower– The chance of finding a fallen star is a temptation too much for some to resist.

The Miracle of Life– Nothing is more beautiful than the beginning of new life.

Mismatched– Possibly the only thing that made him unique is what saved him in the end.

Missing Children and Brown Headed Cowbirds– Children are being whisked away by the dozens and no one seems to be able to do anything about it.

Mother of Monsters– The girl perfect at almost everything could never have a child of her own.

Mr. Ferguson– The neighbor from hell.

My New Family– Replacing your family can sometimes be for the better.

My Friends Went On A Roadtrip Through Europe– And they didn’t come back.

My Heart– His girlfriend only wants one thing for Valentine’s Day.

My Parents Didn’t Believe My Sister Was Pregnant– Denial is a common response to receiving news you don’t want to hear.

My Sister Dropped My Niece Off Last Night. I Don’t Think She’s Coming Back– Ariel is not your normal little girl.

The Pact– The only control some people have over their lives is when they die.

Problem Child– There’s problem children, and then there’s Bonnie.

No Way Out– Trapped in the place you should feel safe.

Nicky– She tried to make things better, but just made them so much worse.

Old Erwin– You can tell a lot about people when you see how they treat others that may seem ‘beneath’ them.

Online Dating– Do you really know who you’re talking with on those dating websites?

Our Pet Monster– There’s a secret in the abandoned house down the road.

Peeping Tom– Sometimes you see more than you planned.

Pizzeria Catastrophe– A tragedy at a place filled with joy.

Phases– Growing up means you can go through all kinds of interesting and sometimes irritating phases.

Problem Child– There’s problem children, and then there’s Bonnie.

Savior– He thought he was lucky when he was pulled from the wreckage.

The Secret of Being Beautiful- True beauty is so painful.

The Seven Angels– Nothing is more perfect or beautiful than an angel. 

The Shittiest Haunted House– You get what you pay for.

Show Business– Acting is a competitive environment, especially for a child.

Smoking Kills– A filthy habit, smoking.

Stare– The monster is a prisoner as well.

Sticks and Stones– Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Sweepstakes– A dream come true quickly turns into a maddening nightmare.

Teacher’s Pet– You don’t want to be this teacher’s pet.

Ten to Twenty Five Years– When you have all the time in the world, it pays to patiently await your chance for revenge.

There’s a girl who lives alone in the woods– But she’s not really alone.

Training the New Act– ‘I went to the circus. I have not left.’

Transformation– From caterpillar to butterfly.

Troll Bridge– There’s someone under this bridge, and it isn’t a troll.

Under The Back Porch– Someone else was under there that night.

Under the Bed– She’s too old for such things, but he has to make sure.

Video Game Addict– Everyone’s gone a little crazy over a game, right?

The Walls Sweat– Winner of Sixpenceee’s September-October 2016 Contest. A woman is debating moving away after realizing her new apartment building has some… quirks.

Washed Overboard– It’s lucky that someone came to his rescue.

Walter the Ghost– Not everyone is in denial when they realize their house is haunted.

Witch– Someone forgot a very important subject on the matter of witches.

Witch Hunt– Here there be witches.

Writer’s Block– Every gift has its price. Even immortality.

Who Lives Under Briar Elementary and High School?– Every legend or whispered rumor has an inkling of truth in it.

The Worst Kind of Monster– To ignore the crime makes you worse than the criminal.

The Worst Way to Die– Whatever you’ve thought of, it can always be worse.

Wrong Turn Highway– Driving home from his wife’s family reunion, a man makes a very wrong turn.

You or Him?– A decision you should never have to make.